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MEMO: With Three Weeks To Election Day, Cal Cunningham Remains In Strong Position To Defeat Tillis

TO: Reporters & Interested Parties
FROM: Devan Barber, Campaign Manager for Cal Cunningham
RE: With Three Weeks To Election Day, Cal Cunningham Remains In Strong Position To Defeat Tillis

We are now just three weeks away from Election Day, and here in North Carolina, voters have been making their voices heard for weeks and in-person early voting will begin this week. Over the course of the campaign, Cal has built strong, grassroots support that continues to hold momentum in this final sprint.

It’s been clear for a long time that North Carolinians are ready for new leadership that will get us through this crisis, get this economy moving again, and protect our  health care, including for the 1.7 million living with pre-existing conditions. That’s Cal — not Senator Tillis, who has spent his career in Washington caving to his corporate donors, party leaders, and the President, instead of sticking up for North Carolinians who need a leader on their side more than ever. 

The fundamentals in this race continue to favor Cal. Here’s what we know. 

  • Our race continues to be about the issues impacting North Carolinians, from health care to economic relief during COVID-19. That’s bad for Senator Tillis. Throughout this campaign, Cal has been drawing a clear contrast between himself and Senator Tillis on key issues like health care, prescription drug costs, and economic fairness. North Carolinians know Senator Tillis has failed our state on these fronts — whether it’s been by blocking Medicaid expansion and voting to take health care protections away from 1.7 million North Carolinians with pre-existing conditions, or by failing to pass additional COVID-19 relief for communities across our state. On the issues this race has been about from the beginning, Tillis loses every time. The campaign will continue to talk about these issues in the final weeks, including in paid communication. You can watch our new ad “On The Ballot” here
  • Democrats hold an advantage in voter registration in North Carolina. In North Carolina, more than 35 percent of all registered voters are registered Democrats, compared to 30 percent of voters registered as Republicans. 
  • Significantly more of the ballots already cast have been by Democrats. More than half of all ballots cast by mail so far were cast by registered Democrats, while just 17 percent were cast by Republicans. 
  • Cal continues to hold a lead in public polling. Over the course of the campaign, Cal has held a lead over Senator Tillis in public polling. That remains true. Just yesterday, WRAL found Cal leads Tillis 49-39.
  • Cal’s campaign holds a fundraising advantage, and that won’t change before Election Day. Cal raised an eye-popping $28.3 million in the third quarter of the year — that’s more than Tillis raised in his entire federal career since 2013. That’s after Cal nearly tripling Tillis fundraising in the second quarter. Cal’s support in the third quarter included 40,000 North Carolinians, and 96 percent of the donations over the course of the campaign have been under $100.
  • Cal holds an “enormous” advantage over Tillis on television in the final weeks of the campaign. The cash advantage Cal has held over Tillis this year has helped maintain that advantage. As Politico reported: “Democratic candidates currently have more ads reserved between now and Election Day…In some cases, the disparity is enormous: In North Carolina, Cunningham…has spent $15.5 million on TV since July 1 and has more than $7 million booked through Election Day. GOP Sen. Thom Tillis has spent $4.4 million, and has $3.5 million reserved.”

Cal will keep working each day to maintain the advantage we hold in the race against Thom Tillis. We  know this race will come down to a handful of votes, and because of the strong position Cal is in today, we will continue to have the tools and resources to keep this race in reach in the final weeks.