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With Less Than One Week Until Election Day, Contrast On Health Care Remains The Focus In #NCSEN

Less than one week before Election Day, local television coverage is focused on the top issue for North Carolina voters: health care. 

As Spectrum News reports, “the pandemic has only intensified the focus” on each candidate’s health care record. Senator Tillis has voted to partially or fully repeal the Affordable Care Act 15 separate times. If he had been successful, two-time cancer survivor DonnaMarie Woodson of Charlotte wouldn’t have been able to gain access to coverage. In an interview with Spectrum News, Woodson said that “after her husband lost his job and the insurance that came with it, the Affordable Care Act allowed her to access the screening where they caught her cancer.” 


Along with that coverage, Senator Tillis voted to take away protections for pre-existing conditions that protect cancer survivors like DonnaMarie from being denied coverage. Despite his claims about pre-existing conditions protections, Spectrum News points out that, according to experts, Senator Tillis’ bill “falls short of the protections that already exist through the Affordable Care Act.” 

Not only has Senator Tillis voted against the Affordable Care Act, he rubber-stamped the President’s Supreme Court nominee who has signaled support for full invalidation of the law. WECT reports: “The Supreme Court could radically reshape any reform plans lawmakers have” as “it is set to reconsider the Affordable Care Act’s constitutionality in the days following the Election.” 

WECT laid out the clear contrast between Senator Tillis’ desire to tear down the Affordable Care Act and Cal’s focus on building off the Affordable Care Act and calling on Congress to “renew incentives for North Carolina to cover more low-income families through Medicaid.” While Tillis blocked Medicaid expansion as Speaker of the North Carolina House, Cal is a fierce supporter, arguing that “it could cover perhaps half of the uninsured.” 


In the midst of a global pandemic and an economic recession where millions have lost their job and often with it, their insurance, North Carolinians cannot afford six more years of Senator Tillis’ toxic health care agenda.