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With A Record Number Of Cases This Week, North Carolinians Deserve To Know If Senator Tillis Agrees With White House Plan “Not To Control” COVID-19

Tillis Has Consistently Caved To White House On Mishandling Of COVID Pandemic

RALEIGH, NC — After North Carolina hit a record-high daily COVID-19 case number of 2,716 on Friday, North Carolinians deserve to know what Senator Thom Tillis thinks of the White House strategy Chief of Staff Mark Meadows outlined on national television today. Meadows told CNN: “We’re not going to control” the COVID-19 pandemic, even as case counts surge and unemployment rates are on the rise

Tillis has repeatedly been too weak to stand up to his own party on its handling of the Coronavirus, from failing to pass badly-needed COVID relief to failing to wear a mask at multiple in-person events at the White House. Tillis didn’t release a plan to address the coronavirus pandemic until July, which the Charlotte Observer called “an act of self preservation” and “way too late.” Even when President Trump suggested Americans might drink bleach as a COVID-19 cure, “the Tillis campaign did not disavow that comment.

“Does Senator Thom Tillis stand with North Carolinians who need COVID-19 relief, or does he stand with the White House throwing in the towel? If history is our guide, instead of calling out this callous admission by the White House, Senator Tillis will do their bidding and rubber-stamp his party’s SCOTUS nominee, who is hostile to North Carolinians’ health care in the middle of a pandemic,” said Cal Cunningham.  

Instead of working to control the virus or passing critical COVID-19 relief, Tillis has been spending his time in Washington working on a variety of efforts to take away health care protections for North Carolinians. Today, Tillis once again helped advance the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to serve on the Supreme Court, who has signaled support for full invalidation of the ACA. Earlier this month, Tillis reiterated his support for the Republican-led lawsuit that would repeal the law in full.

Meanwhile, Cal released a plan for addressing the COVID-19 pandemic in May and has been repeatedly pushing Tillis to pass COVID relief for months. Last week, Cal reiterated the five things he would like to see in a COVID package that reflect the needs of North Carolinians.