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Will Thom Tillis Stand Up To The President As He Threatens Cuts To Medicare & Social Security?

President To “Look At” Cuts to Medicare & Social Security, Two Programs Senator Tillis Has Put At Risk For North Carolinians

Cal Cunningham Has Been Endorsed By Committee To Preserve Social Security And Medicare

RALEIGH, NC – Senator Thom Tillis has so far been silent on the President’s plan to “look at” cuts to Medicare, which covers over 1.4 million North Carolinians, and other programs like Social Security — a clear “shift from his 2016 campaign promise to protect funding” for them.

The President and Senate Republicans, including Thom Tillis, have pressed for corporate tax cuts that have blown a $2 trillion hole in our deficit. And now, after insisting the tax cuts would pay for themselves, they want to cut Medicare and Social Security to foot the bill.

North Carolinians deserve to know: Will Thom Tillis stand up to the President and protect these critical retirement security programs, or will he yet again put his blind allegiance ahead of what’s right for North Carolina? 

While income inequality continues to grow, leaving fewer and fewer households able to save for retirement, Thom Tillis has:

  • Voted twice against protecting Social Security.

  • Voted for GOP budgets that would cut Medicare by nearly $500 billion.

  • Voted repeatedly to gut the Affordable Care Act, which could raise premiums for 60 million Medicare beneficiaries or force them to “pay more for preventive care, like a wellness visit or diabetes check” and “to pay more toward their prescription drugs” by eliminating key Medicare fixes in the law.

  • Suggested we could fund tax reform by taking aim at programs like Medicare and Social Security.

Unlike Tillis, Cal Cunningham understands that Medicare and Social Security are the bedrocks of retirement security. In the Senate, he will fight against harmful attempts to gut these programs. That’s why he is endorsed by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, which has 49,000 North Carolina members.

At the time of Committee’s endorsement, its President, CEO, and Chairman Max Richtman said: “Cal has earned the endorsement of the National Committee because he understands and supports the critical roles that Social Security and Medicare play in the retirement and health security of our nation’s older citizens and their families. He’s well-prepared to serve the needs of seniors and will make the preservation and enhancement of Social Security and Medicare a priority in the Senate.”

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