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Will Thom Tillis Hold His Own Party Accountable As Health, Safety Of North Carolina On The Line?

The Senate Continues To Shoulder Responsibility For Delayed Passage Of Relief Legislation

RALEIGH, NC — As the number of coronavirus cases passes 3,500 in the United States, the Senate is set to further delay action on the House-passed coronavirus response legislation, which would make testing free among other important relief measures, after having recessed for the weekend without taking action.

With the number of cases continuing to increase in the U.S., it is incumbent on Senator Tillis to hold his own party accountable and call for a strong response to help keep North Carolinians safe.

Here are key questions for Senator Tillis. 

  1. At least one of Tillis’ Republican colleagues has called for the Senate to immediately take up the coronavirus relief legislation when the Senate returns. Does Tillis support moving immediately to pass the relief legislation when the Senate reconvenes, or will he side with Mitch McConnell and further delay it? 

  2. This weekend the President tweeted, “The individual Governors of States, and local officials, must step up their efforts on drive up testing and testing sights,” yet Gov. Cooper has been clear that North Carolina doesn’t have enough testing supplies from the CDC. Meanwhile Trump claimed Friday, “I don’t take responsibility at all” for the slow distribution and availability of testing supplies. Does Tillis agree with Trump’s assessment that he does not share any responsibility for the continued shortage of test supplies, including in North Carolina? 

  3. While other Republican Senators have spoken up about the failure of the Administration to provide clear answers about its response and its failure to make testing widely available, Tillis insists the President “has taken every step he can to help the safety of the people in the United States,” has displayed “decisive leadership, and that concern over chaos caused by the president is “not productive.” As the number of cases continues to grow, does Senator Tillis still believe the Administration has taken every step it can?