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While Health Care Market Stabilizes, Senator Tillis Will Continue Attempts To Chip Away At Coverage

In “a sign that the health law is stabilizing after several years of turmoil caused in part by Mr. Trump,” the New York Times has reported that even after years of sabotage by Senator Tillis and his GOP allies, the Affordable Care Act will continue to make health coverage even more affordable and accessible next year, with premiums set to fall and the number of insurers set to rise next year.

The news comes in anticipation of a ruling in a dangerous GOP lawsuit that could strike down the Affordable Care Act and its protections for those living with pre-existing conditions. Thom Tillis is condoning this lawsuit, and has voted repeatedly to gut the law and its protections, despite growing evidence the law’s pre-existing condition protections and Medicaid expansion are “making some Americans healthier — and less likely to die.”

Meanwhile, Cal Cunningham has remained committed to protecting and building upon the Affordable Care Act to ensure that every American has access to quality health care.

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New York Times: Obamacare Premiums to Fall and Number of Insurers to Rise Next Year

By Abby Goodnough – October 22, 2019

Key Points:

  • Nearly three years into President Trump’s aggressive efforts to undermine the Affordable Care Act, prices for the most popular type of health insurance plan offered through the health law’s federal marketplace will actually drop next year, and the number of insurers offering plans will go up.

  • The 4-percent price decline is only the second time that average monthly premiums have dropped year-to-year since the marketplace opened in 2014, and it is a sign that the health law is stabilizing after several years of turmoil caused in part by Mr. Trump.

  • After Mr. Trump and Republicans in Congress tried unsuccessfully to repeal the law in 2017, the president took a number of steps to weaken it, all of which led to uncertainty that resulted in insurers raising prices.

  • The administration has also all but eliminated funding to promote enrollment under the law, through advertising and “navigators,” who once helped people sign up.

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