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When Thom Tillis Says “My Job Is Fighting For Your Job,” This Is What He Really Means

Tillis’ Time In Washington & Raleigh Has Been Defined By Caving To His Corporate Donors, Instead Of Sticking Up For North Carolinians 

RALEIGH — In his latest ad, Thom Tillis attempts to masquerade himself as someone who looks out for “the little guy,” but his record shows the exact opposite. So when he says, “my job is fighting for your job,” he really only means it if you’re one of his corporate backers. 

After receiving millions of corporate PAC dollars from industries like Big Pharma, Thom Tillis voted for the GOP tax bill that overwhelmingly benefited big corporations at the expense of North Carolina families. Thanks to Thom Tillis’ vote, over half of North Carolina will pay more in taxes, while four of the largest pharma companies collectively saved $7 billion and used that windfall to enrich their executives and shareholders.

And that’s not all. Tillis also benefited from millions of dollars in political donations and support from Koch Groups that stood to benefit from the GOP tax law Tillis supported. Americans For Tax Fairness estimated that the Koch Brothers and Koch industries could save between $1 billion and $1.4 billion combined in income taxes each year thanks to the GOP tax law. In 2014, Koch groups spent more than $9 million to help elect Tillis, and they’ve already dumped six figures into the race, including a new digital ad buy today, to praise him for his support of the GOP tax bill. 

And when Republicans failed to repeal Obamacare, Tillis was more worried “that donations had fallen off a cliff,” than protecting health care for North Carolinians. 

“This election-year stunt couldn’t be more transparent,” said Kate Frauenfelder, Cal Cunningham campaign spokesperson. “Thom Tillis has proved time and again that he is beholden to his corporate backers and will cave to their interests every time, even if it means leaving North Carolina families behind. ”