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What To Expect In Final Senate Debate: Tillis Will Fail To Defend Ways He’s Caved To His Corporate Donors, Partisan Interests At The Expense Of North Carolinians

RALEIGH, NC — In tonight’s final North Carolina Senate debate, Senator Tillis will likely fail again to defend his record of caving to his corporate special interest donors, his own party, and the President at North Carolinians’ expense.

Instead of looking out for North Carolinians, Tillis has spent his career flailing and flip-flopping as he caves to those pressures around him in order to save his political skin.


It is clear that Senator Tillis has been too weak to stand up to his donors, his own party, or the President, even when it hurts North Carolina. 

  • TILLIS CAVED TO HIS PARTY & THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY, WHILE VOTING TO GUT PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS PROTECTIONS: Tillis has thrown in with his own party and insurance industry backers to support the GOP-led lawsuit that would gut protections for 1.7 million North Carolinians living with pre-existing conditions. He’s also voted along party-lines repeatedly to repeal those protections, while offering a sham health care bill riddled with insurance industry loopholes. Tillis also blocked Medicaid expansion as Speaker of the North Carolina House, and bragged about it.

  • TILLIS HAS CAVED TO BIG PHARMA DONORS, WHILE NORTH CAROLINIANS PAY THE PRICE: Tillis has done the bidding of Big Pharma in Washington, as he is one of the pharmaceutical industry’s biggest beneficiariesrepeatedly siding with their interests over North Carolina, even if it means doing nothing to stop the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs.

  • TILLIS HAS CAVED TO HIS CORPORATE DONORS, CUTTING THEIR TAXES: Tillis has accepted $3 million from corporate PACs, and in Washington as a Senator and in Raleigh as Speaker of the House has voted to cut their taxes, while leaving North Carolina families further behind. Tillis backed the GOP 2017 Tax Bill, which sent “[t]he national deficit and debt soaring” and “[s]tudies have found that the richest Americans got the biggest advantage.”

  • TILLIS CAVED TO THE PRESIDENT, JEOPARDIZING $80 MILLION IN FUNDING FOR NORTH CAROLINA MILITARY INSTALLATIONS: Tillis performed an “Olympic gold flip-flop” when he firmly opposed the President’s border emergency saying it violated the Constitution’s separation of powers, but just a few weeks later, voted in favor of it, raiding $80 million from North Carolina military projects and installations.

  • TILLIS CAVED TO HIS DONORS, GUTTING PUBLIC EDUCATION FUNDING WHILE CUTTING CORPORATE TAXES: Tillis slashed funding for North Carolina public education, eliminating teaching positions and cutting funding for basic supplies like text books. He also cut funding for community college, raised taxes on student meal plans, and even eliminated a tax break for families saving for college. Instead, he prioritized giving massive new tax cuts to the wealthiest and corporations.

  • TILLIS CAVED TO THE OIL & GAS INDUSTRY, EVEN WHEN IT PUT OUR COAST AT RISK: Despite Tillis’ latest flip-flop on offshore drilling, he can’t hide from his record of prioritizing oil and gas donors at the expense of North Carolina coastal communities. In his maiden speech on the Senate floor, Tillis called for offshore drilling and even introduced an amendment to do so despite bipartisan opposition. And he has continued to back his corporate donors even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, when he wrote a letter to the administration urging there be no “oil and gas bias” when distributing economic relief funds.

  • TILLIS CAVED TO THE PRESIDENT BY IMMEDIATELY BACKING ANY SUPREME COURT NOMINEE SIGHT UNSEEN: Immediately after the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Senator Tillis announced he would vote to confirm the president’s nominee before even knowing who it was. North Carolinians and editorial boards slammed Tillis for his position, a complete 180 from his stance in 2016 when he opposed a hearing for Obama’s nominee saying this is about principle.”