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Truth About Tillis: He’s One Person When The Cameras Are On, Another When They’re Off

Tillis Then: “Folks Who Are Not Wearing Masks Are Really Covid’s Best Friend.” 

Tillis Now: 

“I Want Everybody To Vote For Mask. I Want Everybody For Social Distancing.” 

RALEIGH, NC — Senator Tillis has spent the last several months extolling the importance of wearing a mask and social distancing to stop the spread of the virus, saying that “folks who are not wearing masks are really COVID’s best friend.” He’s encouraged elected officials to “lead by example” and wear a mask, and even falsely criticized the Hispanic community for not adhering to safety guidelines. 

But Tillis apparently sets a different standard for himself. He was captured maskless in Washington Thursday surrounded by nearly 1,000 other people, most of whom were also not wearing masks or social distancing, after posting a photo to Twitter wearing a mask.

Why can’t Senator Tillis follow his own advice? Here’s what he’s been telling North Carolinians:

  • “There are tens of thousands of people who get this virus, who never show a symptom. They think they’re perfectly healthy. They don’t have any recollection of being exposed. They go out in public without a mask. They are exposing people. And quite honestly, I’m almost certain, that some of the deaths are attributed to people who didn’t know they had the virus, who exposed somebody else to succumb to the virus…And I suspect with the number of people that have died in this country, 163,000, some of their deaths, we have to claim, we have to own responsibility for.”
  • “And like I said, folks who are not wearing masks are really COVID’s best friend.”
  • “And I’m trying to lead by example, do what I’m asking others to do, and I think that that’s what every elected official must do. The last thing I want to do is see an elected official who is responsible for imposing a stay at home order or a wear a facial mask order out in public and not with a mask on.”
  • “I think the mentality now of anybody who wouldn’t mask- wear a mask in public is the same mentality of those kids at the spring break beach down in Florida. It’s silly and it’s not respectful to those who are going out like police officers, doctors, nurses, like my daughter, and others, food service workers, and everybody else. Show them respect. If you truly do believe that they’re heroes and they should be- they should be treated as such, then treat heroes with respect. Wear a mask.”
  • “Just wear the mask out of respect.”

“This is blatant hypocrisy from Senator Tillis,” said Kate Frauenfelder, a spokeswoman for Cal Cunningham’s campaign. “His actions last night prove that his words were just political bluster, only to be used when it helps him politically but thrown to the wind when it means standing up to his own party.”