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Tillis, McConnell Out Of Town As House Prepares To Send Coronavirus Response Package To Senate

Thom Tillis, McConnell Recessed Until Monday Evening, Delaying Action To Make Tests Free, Provide Emergency Sick Leave

RALEIGH, NC – Senator Thom Tillis and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell left Washington for the weekend, delaying action on a coronavirus relief package that the House of Representatives is set to vote on and the President has agreed to sign.

“North Carolinians need to know they can count on their leaders to take speedy and thoughtful action to mitigate the impact of this public health threat,” said Aaron Simpson, a spokesman for Cal Cunningham. “Thom Tillis and Mitch McConnell should have stayed in session through the weekend to take part in the negotiations surrounding the aid package, so they could immediately bring it for a vote to protect the people of North Carolina and our country.” 

Cal Cunningham released his priorities earlier this week to combat the coronavirus, keep Americans safe, and provide economic relief for workers. He also called on Congress to quickly pass a package to make testing free and provide emergency family leave and food assistance to families.

While other Republican Senators and even Rep. Mark Walker have spoken up about the failure of the Administration to provide clear answers about its response and its failure to make testing widely available, Tillis insists the President “has taken every step he can to help the safety of the people in the United States,” has displayed “decisive leadership, and that concern over chaos caused by the president is “not productive.”

Meanwhile, the Administration is blocking states who’ve expanded Medicaid from using the program to respond to the crisis and “isn’t backing off” its proposed cuts to the CDC budget.