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Tillis Donor DeJoy Learns From Thom How To Talk Out Of Both Sides Of His Mouth

Tillis Remains Silent As DeJoy Confirms Today He Will Keep Harmful Postal Policies In Place After Publicly Claiming He Would Stop

RALEIGH, NC — Despite claims he would suspend the harmful changes he made to the United States Postal Service, Senator Thom Tillis donor and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy confirmed today that he will continue moving forward with policies that delay North Carolinians’ mail, including refusing to reconnect or reinstall mail sorting devices that he disconnected. Earlier this week, the Charlotte Observer reported the removal of seven mail sorting machines from a postal facility near the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. At a Senate hearing today, DeJoy confirmed he would not be reinstalling any sorting machines that have been removed, saying they’re “not needed.” 

Like Tillis, DeJoy says one thing, but does another, and his refusal to reverse harmful policies hurts North Carolinans who rely on consistent and timely mail delivery, including veterans, rural communities and older Americans, and those wishing to cast their ballot by mail ahead of the November election. Mail sorting machines are especially important this year to make sure ballots mailed in by North Carolinians arrive at local Boards of Elections on time.

Tillis has refused to criticize DeJoy since the Postmaster General first started making these harmful cuts. Tillis has a duty to serve the people of North Carolina, stand up to DeJoy, and do his job to ensure politics aren’t getting in the way of the essential role that the USPS plays in people’s lives and the election this fall.

Cal has spoken out a number of times on behalf of North Carolinians who have been hurt by DeJoy’s policies, calling for the Charlotte mail sorting machines to be restored immediately and standing with veterans who rely on the USPS for VA benefits and North Carolinians like Bonnie, whose niece and father depend on the postal service to deliver life saving medications. 

“Senator Tillis’ silence on harmful cuts to our postal service proves again that he’ll put his donors wishes before the needs of North Carolina every time,” said Kate Frauenfelder, a spokeswoman for Cal Cunningham’s campaign. “Instead of standing behind his donor, Postmaster General DeJoy, Tillis needs to step up to ensure that North Carolinians can receive and send mail via this essential public service.”