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Tillis Campaign Resorting To Desperate, False Attacks As They Try To Mislead Voters To Salvage Their Flailing Campaign

Tillis Under Fire This Week for His Record of Opposing Health Care Protections For North Carolinians

RALEIGH, NC — Today, Senator Thom Tillis’ campaign unveiled their latest attempt to salvage a failing campaign and distract from Tillis’ record of failing North Carolinians with a false ad that attempts to confuse and mislead voters by irresponsibly presenting itself as a news story that includes a number of false claims already debunked by the media. 

The attack ad comes as Tillis is under pressure this week for his failed record of voting against the health care interests of North Carolinians and supporting the repeal of the Affordable Care Act in full, including pre-existing condition protections. 

“Senator Tillis is so desperate to distract from his failure to pass COVID-19 relief and his efforts to strip North Carolinians of their health care coverage in the middle of a pandemic that he’s resorted to making false claims about Cal and trying to pass them off as a local news package,” said Rachel Petri, communications director for Cal Cunningham. “Senator Tillis is a dishonest, craven politician whose only record is selling out North Carolinians to the highest bidder. It’s clear he can’t stand the fact that he’s behind in the polls, which is why he’ll do and say anything to mislead voters.” 

Here are the facts: 

Cal does not support defunding the police. 
Cal does not support adding Justices to the Supreme Court: 
  • “Tillis asked Cunningham whether he supports expanding the Supreme Court from its current nine members, a plan some Democrats have embraced if Trump’s nominee is confirmed by the Republican-held Senate so close to the election.
  • “I don’t,” Cunningham said. “Justice Ginsburg herself said nine was the right number — and nine is the right number for our country.”’ [News and Observer, 9/22/20]
Cal supports tax relief for working North Carolina families, while Tillis has sold them out to boost his corporate donors: 
  • “But his Democratic competitor, former North Carolina State Senator Cal Cunningham, said he wants to cut taxes for the working class. ‘Put money in the hands of working people and parents as they raise children,’ Cunningham said.”’ [WSYR, 9/1/20]
  • “Tillis became a U.S. senator, and after President Donald Trump took office, he supported the Trump-backed 2017 law that slashed corporate tax rates permanently and lowered individual rates temporarily.” [News and Observer, 7/29/20]