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Tillis Blindly Defends Trump’s Firing Of Inspectors General As Others In His Party Speak Out

Even As Other GOP Senators Cry Foul, Tillis Says Trump “Had Valid Reasons For Making The Move”

RALEIGH, NC – In a less than shocking turn of events, Thom Tillis broke his silence on Trump’s firing of Steve Linick to defend the president, rolling over once again to protect his political future. Of the fired inspectors general, Tillis says: “They serve at the pleasure of the president and I take at face value he had valid reasons for making the move.” 

In less than two months, Trump has fired four inspectors general and continues to double down on saying he has the right to do so. Even as his Republican colleagues warn against the “chilling effect” the firings could have on the oversight community, vulnerable senators like Thom Tillis lack the backbone to call out the president’s abuse of power. 

North Carolinians are speaking out against this brazen bulldozing of the rule of law, too. In a Charlotte Observer letter to the editor, Bill Anderson writes

President Trump’s consistent and systematic dismissals, most recently Inspector General Steve Linick, of any independent government official who disagrees with him has spun out of control. This is not, and never will be, the new normal. The constitutional balance of power no longer exists in America today. We, the People, all of us, Democrats, Republicans and Independents deserve better. November cannot get here soon enough.”

It’s clear North Carolina is ready for new leadership, and Cal Cunningham is ready to be their standard bearer. Drawing on his background as an Army prosecutor, Cal has made taking on corruption a key priority in his campaign, and has repeatedly sounded off on the importance of these government watchdogs.