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Three Years Ago Today: Senator Tillis Voted Against Drug Reimportation, Which Would Help Decrease Drug Prices

North Carolinians Continue to Struggle with the Rising Cost of Prescription Drugs, While Tillis Enriches Corporate Campaign Donors

RALEIGH, NC – Three years ago today, Senator Tillis voted against importing prescription drugs from Canada, which would help bring down prescription drug costs.

The anniversary is a well-timed reminder that while drug prices are already on the rise just days into the new year, Tillis is opposing a bill that would help lower costs.

As one of the top Senate recipients of big Pharma cash, Tillis’ opposition doesn’t come as much of a surprise — especially since he helped his pharmaceutical industry donors keep billions of dollars through the GOP tax law he supported.

North Carolinians have struggled with the rising cost of prescription drugs, while Thom Tillis votes against their interests to enrich his corporate campaign donors.

In stark contrast to Tillis, Cal Cunningham is committed to bringing down prescription drug costs for North Carolinians through efforts, including efforts to allow Medicare to negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies.