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Thom’s Magic Wand – Tax Edition: Tillis’ Vote For GOP Tax Bill Hiked Taxes On Gold Star Families

Ahead Of Friday’s Anniversary Of Tillis’ Vote For The GOP Tax Law, Team Cal Will Recap His Vote

RALEIGH, NC – As Senator Tillis launched his reelection bid he told WRAL that, “we’d be even better off” if he could “wave a wand and do everything we did in North Carolina up in D.C.”

Today, we continue Thom’s Magic Wand: Tax Edition, a look at the impact of Tillis’ record on taxes ahead of the Friday anniversary of Tillis’ vote for the GOP tax law in 2017.

As both Speaker of the North Carolina House and as Senator, Tillis helped pass tax legislation that benefited corporations and the highest income earners the most. In contrast, Cal Cunningham is committed to tax policy that benefits North Carolina families.

We’ve already covered how Tillis’ vote set the stage for the GOP lawsuit that has left health care for millions at risk, and how the law benefited his Big Pharma donors and the Koch Groups who’ve helped prop up his campaigns.

Today, we’re reviewing perhaps the worst result of Tillis’ vote for the GOP tax law — it actually RAISED taxes on Gold Star families who lost a loved one to military service.

  • While 91 of America’s largest corporations paid no taxes on their 2018 income thanks to the tax law, some families of servicemembers who died in service to our country are “paying much higher taxes on survivor benefits.”

  • The law “clobber[ed] households with children who are receiving benefits because a parent died on active duty or in retirement from the military.”

  • Congress has failed to fix the law to protect Gold Star families from massive tax hikes.