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Thom Tillis’ Corporate Special Interest Friends Want You To Forget That He Sold Out North Carolina Military Families

Tillis Voted To Allow $80 Million To Be Raided From Our Military Installations, Has Failed Military Families & Veterans Across The State

RALEIGH, NC — Thom Tillis’ special interest backers, this time the Chamber of Commerce, are joining Tillis in attempting to rewrite his record, this time on veterans and military families issues. But North Carolina servicemembers, veterans, and their families know Tillis caves to the corporate special interests and his own party, even when our state’s military community is on the line. 

Tillis has embarrassed North Carolinians on a national stage, and in November, his repeated failure to stand up for our state will catch up with him. Let’s take a look back at some of his record-defining moments, underscored in headline after headline. 

Remember that time Tillis wrote an op-ed announcing his opposition to the White House’s emergency declaration to redirect funding for military bases to fund Trump’s border wall, only to then change his mind and vote for it THREE times? North Carolinians haven’t forgotten about the $80 million he voted to raid from our state’s military bases as a result. 

Editorial boards and military families all criticized Tillis’ flip flop, with one military spouse at Fort Bragg asking “How can we trust you to fix it if you’re taking money from us actively for a border wall?’

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Don’t forget the time when Tillis let partisan politics get in the way of providing wounded veterans access to fertility treatments. Senator Tillis blocked a bill that would have allowed the Department of Veterans Affair to pay for IVF, forcing veterans to continue paying high out-of-pocket costs. Paralyzed Veterans of America called Tillis’ amendment “histrionic political grandstanding.”

Tillis supported the Republican tax bill, even though it hiked taxes on Gold Star Families, forcing some to pay thousands of dollars in taxes on survivor benefits.

While Tillis claims to stand up for those that feel “forgotten by our politics,” the truth is he remains beholden to his corporate backers, even if it hurts North Carolina servicemembers and veterans.

  • Senator Tillis accepted $17,000 from a for-profit college that preyed on North Carolina servicemembers, and backed a bill to deregulate the industry. 
  • As speaker of the North Carolina House, Tillis took $30,000 from the payday lending industry and passed legislation allowing them to hike interest rates, even though military groups said it would hurt servicemembers.
  • Senator Tillis accepted thousands from the payday lending industry in his Senate career, while opposing pro-consumer measures that would protect servicemembers and veterans’ from predatory practices. 

Cal Cunningham, a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve, has served three active duty tours, including in Iraq and Afghanistan. Looking out for North Carolina’s veterans and military families is personal to him.

Watch a clip from Cal’s recent launch of “Veterans & Military Families For Cal.”