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Senator Tillis & Senate Republicans “Eye Early Exit,” After Sham Bill Failed To Provide Needed Relief For North Carolina

Senator Tillis and his Republican allies in the Senate “think they have political cover to leave town after 52 GOP senators voted last week for a targeted $500 billion to $700 billion coronavirus relief bill,” but the truth is, the sham bill falls dramatically short of what North Carolinians actually need right now. Even the President doesn’t think it goes far enough. 

If Senator Tillis wants to dust off his hands, pack up, and head home, here’s what he’s coming back to: 

Hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians remain out of work, and because of inaction from Washington, they are left relying solely on the state benefits, gutted by Tillis when he was Speaker of the House. After the federal benefits ran out in July, North Carolinians were left with “one of the stingiest unemployment programs in the country.” 

Notably absent from the Senate GOP’s “skinny” bill was relief for state and local governments, which face unexpected expenses as they attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19 and contend with massive revenue shortfalls due to the pandemic,” and is something that mayors across North Carolina have been asking for for months. Not only did Senator Tillis leave out this critical relief, but in Monday’s debate he dismissed it as a bailout for “failed states.” 


Cal Cunningham has heard directly from local leaders across North Carolina. Here’s what Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan asked of Senator Tillis: “In order for us to give help, we need help. So we need the federal government to help us.”

The Washington Post reported that Senate Republicans “don’t seem especially worried that inaction on a new coronavirus stimulus bill will damage the Republican Party’s hope of maintaining its Senate majority,” but it’s clear, including by the president’s own standards, that the bill falls short. Senator Tillis can try to hide behind this sham bill, but North Carolinians won’t be fooled, as hundreds of thousands are still struggling through this crisis. And instead of helping them, he’s looking out for himself. 

The Hill: Senate GOP Eyes Early Exit

By Alexander Bolton – September 17, 2020

  • Senate Republican leaders are hoping to let their colleagues hit the campaign trail at the end of next week, acknowledging the slim chances of passing significant legislation other than a government funding stopgap before Election Day.
  • Republican senators say negotiations between the White House and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) are not likely to produce a COVID-19 deal before the election, and their vulnerable colleagues are eager to get back home to campaign. However, Pelosi emphasized this week that the House is committed to getting a coronavirus deal, is in no rush to leave the nation’s capital and has some leverage on the Senate’s plans. 
  • Republican lawmakers say if there’s an unexpected breakthrough in the negotiations between the White House and Democratic leaders, they can return to town to vote on another relief package. But there’s little hope of a deal before November, despite President Trump urging Republicans on Capitol Hill on Wednesday “to go for the much higher numbers” proposed by Democrats for the cost of the next relief bill.
  • Republicans think they have political cover to leave town after 52 GOP senators voted last week for a targeted $500 billion to $700 billion coronavirus relief bill.
  • Senate Republican candidates plan to use their time at home to note that not a single Senate Democrat voted for the proposal, which failed to reach the 60-vote threshold needed to advance.