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Senator Tillis Once Again Sides With His Own Party, Even As Executive Order Would Raid Money From Disaster Relief Fund

Cal: Raiding Disaster Relief Funds During Hurricane Season Is The Wrong Solution

RALEIGH, NC — Once again, Senator Tillis confirmed that he’ll side with his party instead of doing what’s best for North Carolina, supporting the president’s executive order that not only offers reduced federal unemployment benefits and puts a cost burden on cash-strapped states to help pay, but also takes away disaster relief funding in the middle of hurricane season. 

Cal issued a statement in response to the president’s actions: “It’s clear that immediate action is needed after Senator Tillis allowed unemployment insurance to expire in the middle of a global pandemic, but an Executive Order which both cuts unemployment benefits and raids disaster relief funds in the middle of hurricane season is the wrong solution. Senator Tillis should have done his job and prevented unemployment insurance from expiring in the first place.”

Senator Tillis said the president “was left with no choice” and “took some important steps,” but the truth is North Carolinians wouldn’t be in this position if he had taken decisive action to extend the enhanced unemployment benefits before it was too late. Now, those out of work through no fault of their own are pressed to find a way to make ends meet. One laid-off worker said: “Having to go back to this survival mode is really, really unsettling…the real solve would be working with Congress, coming up with a deal that works for the American people.” 

Yesterday, the Capitol Broadcasting Editorial Board called on Tillis again to do his job and put North Carolinians first, instead of caving to the president whose executive order “puts greater burdens on states rather than providing relief to governments already struggling with declining revenues and antiquated unemployment systems slowing distribution of much-needed benefits.” 

In March, Senator Tillis said the president was “taking every step he can to help the safety of the people in the United States,” even as the administration fumbled the response at the onset of the coronavirus. Then, he couldn’t even muster up the courage to disavow the president’s suggestions that Americans use bleach to cure COVID-19. Now, he’s proven once again that he will always put his political security ahead of North Carolina.