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Senator Tillis’ Days Late Comments On USPS Fall Flat As DeJoy Fails To Provide Sufficient Answers To Congress

Tillis Must Go Further On USPS, Condemn Cuts, Demand Answers

RALEIGH, NC — Yesterday, Senator Tillis finally acknowledged that the U.S. Postal Service needs additional funding for the post office, but his comments fall short as his donor Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s testimony before Congress raised more questions than were answered. 

As he testified before Congress, DeJoy provided wildly insufficient answers on basic functions of the postal service. When asked by North Carolina’s own Representative Alma Adams about the mail collection boxes in Charlotte that were covered with trash bags, DeJoy responded: “I do not know anything about it.” This comes after DeJoy confirmed Friday that he would not be reinstalling any sorting machines that had been removed. That includes seven mail sorting machines from a postal facility near the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. 

DeJoy also defended his cost-cutting measures that have led to major delivery days, especially hurting veterans who need their prescriptions in a timely manner and rural communities who rely on the U.S. Postal Service for their mail. Senator Tillis has failed to condemn these cuts, even though they are hurting North Carolinians. 

Following the House passage of bipartisan legislation that provides critical resources to help the USPS maintain operations, Cal Cunningham called on Senator Tillis to take up the bill and push for meaningful action in the Senate. Cal has been a strong advocate for the postal service, repeatedly calling on Senator Tillis to stand up for the veterans who rely on the USPS and people across the state who depend on the postal service to deliver critical medication. 

“Senator Tillis just can’t find it in himself to stand up to DeJoy, his campaign donor, and stand up for North Carolinians who rely on the postal service,” said Kate Frauenfelder, a spokeswoman for the campaign. “His comments are too little too late. He must take meaningful action in the Senate to remedy DeJoy’s harmful cuts and get the USPS working for the people of North Carolina again.”