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Senator Thom Tillis Turns His Back Again On The 1.7 Million North Carolinians With Pre-Existing Conditions

Senator Tillis Today Defended “Junk” Insurance, Which Would Allow Insurance Companies To Offer “No Meaningful Coverage”

RALEIGH, NC – Today, Senator Tillis voted to defend “junk” insurance plans that allow insurance companies to offer plans that do not cover pre-existing conditions, prescription drugs, mental health or maternity benefits.

Tillis’ vote today follows his previous vote to keep the junk plans in place, and repeated attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and its protections for individuals living with pre-existing conditions, including the 1.7 million in North Carolina.

“Senator Thom Tillis has proven again today that he is willing to take health care coverage away from the 1.7 million North Carolinians suffering from pre-existing conditions, rather than part with D.C. partisans and special interest groups,” said Cal Cunningham, who is running against Thom Tillis. “It’s clearer than ever that Senator Tillis takes his orders from his donors, rather than North Carolinians like the Wilmington mom wondering how she’ll afford her child’s inhaler or the waitress in Charlotte who needs insulin to treat her diabetes. When I’m in the U.S. Senate, I will be a reliable vote for protecting those with pre-existing conditions, expanding access to needed health services, and bringing down costs.” 

In addition to Tillis’ role in GOP efforts to repeal the ACA, he also played an instrumental role in passing the law that prevented North Carolina from expanding Medicaid, preventing over 600,000 North Carolinians from gaining health coverage, and costing North Carolina 37,000 jobs, as the Speaker of the North Carolina House.