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Senator Thom Tillis Fails Again To Stand Up For North Carolina Military Families

Cal Cunningham Hammers Tillis’ Failure Saying Tillis, “Put His Political Security Ahead Of Our National Security”

RALEIGH, NC — Senator Thom Tillis today voted for the third time to back President Trump’s sham national emergency at the expense of North Carolinians, allowing the White House to raid $80 million from North Carolina military projects to fund a border wall.

“Once again, Senator Thom Tillis has put his political security ahead of our national security,” said Cal Cunningham, Army veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and U.S. Senate candidate. “As a veteran, the safety and preparedness of our troops, as well as support for their families, are personal to me. Senator Tillis has proven again today that he’s too weak to stand up for servicemembers and their families if it means taking a principled stand against the White House that could further complicate his reelection.” 

Tillis, who is facing a tough primary battle, previously announced opposition to the White House’s emergency declaration, but ultimately voted three times to allow the $80 million in cuts in what the Fayetteville Observer called an “Olympic gold flip-flop.

Tillis’ cave has drawn criticism from editorial boards and military families alike, with one military spouse at Fort Bragg, which has faced funding issues, asking, “How can we trust you to fix it if you’re taking money from us actively for a border wall?’ Cal has been holding Tillis accountable for allowing these cuts, including a digital ad.

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