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Senator Thom Tillis’ 2019 In Review

2020 is finally upon us, which means it is time to look back on all the moments that made the past year special.

Senator Thom Tillis had a big year — from earning the position of the least popular Senator in the country and becoming the source of conservative resentment across North Carolina, to performing an “Olympic Gold Flip-Flop” and earning a spot on the Washington Post’s favorite op-eds of 2019 list.

Here are the top moments that marked Senator Thom Tillis’ 2019. 

February 25, 2019

On this day, Senator Thom Tillis took a strong, principled stand against President Trump’s national emergency declaration in a big way — via a Washington Post op-ed — saying:

“As a U.S. senator, I cannot justify providing the executive with more ways to bypass Congress. As a conservative, I cannot endorse a precedent that I know future left-wing presidents will exploit to advance radical policies that will erode economic and individual freedoms. These are the reasons I would vote in favor of the resolution disapproving of the president’s national-emergency declaration, if and when it comes before the Senate.”

March 14, 2019

Tillis took to the Senate floor to announce that after discussions with his allies in Washington — NOT North Carolinians — he reversed course on his VERY public position, saying he’d back the President after all, a decision “clearly shaded” by his re-election bid.

May 22, 2019 

On this day, Senator Tillis skipped a VA Committee hearing that included consideration of veterans mental health and homelessness legislation in order to attend a fundraiser for his re-election bid.

Watch more here:

June 17,2019

Cal Cunningham enters the Senate race against Tillis, becoming “the highest-profile Democrat to enter the Senate race.”

June 21, 2019

poll showed Cal Cunningham leading Tillis.

June 27, 2019

On this day, Senator Tillis bragged about signing the bill that “made it illegal” to expand Medicaid in North Carolina. Expanding Medicaid in North Carolina would provide coverage to more than 630,000 North Carolinians.

July 10, 2019

Tillis said he supports “anything that takes Obamacare off the table” while essentially condoning the GOP-led lawsuit that would gut protections for 1.7 million North Carolinians living with pre-existing conditions.

September 9, 2019

Tillis got booed at a Trump rally.

September 12, 2019

Tillis launches an ad blitz in his primary race against self-funded Garland Tucker, which ended up costing Tillis $700,000, though he was prepared to spend $2.2 million.

September 17, 2019 

second poll conducted during the summer shows Cal Cunningham beating Thom Tillis.

September 18, 2019

third consecutive poll shows Cal Cunningham beating Thom Tillis.

September 20, 2019

Cook Political Report moved its ratings of the North Carolina Senate race in Democrats’ direction.

September 25, 2019 

On this day, despite having learned that the President’s sham national emergency declaration would redirect $80 million from North Carolina military installations to pay for the border wall, Thom Tillis cast his SECOND vote in favor of the national emergency declaration.

October 3, 2019

Sabato’s Crystal Ball moved the North Carolina Senate race from Leans Republican to Toss-up.

October 11, 2019 

Inside Elections moved the the North Carolina Senate race from Leans Republican to Toss-up.

October 17, 2019

Tillis cast his THIRD vote in favor of the national emergency declaration, voting again to allow $80 million to be taken from North Carolina military installations.

October 28, 2019

The Wall Street Journal profiled Senator Tillis’ re-election, which offered analysis of the “moans and groans” from Republicans surrounding Tillis’ re-elect, including this characterization of Tillis from Whiteville, NC registered nurse Terri Gore: “A snake don’t turn into a puppy just because he puts a flea collar on.”

November 19, 2019

Politico ranked the North Carolina Senate race a toss-up.

December 2, 2019

Garland Tucker drops his challenge to Tillis with “no indication” he’d endorse Tillis — but not before forcing Tillis to spend $700,000 to fend him off.

December 4, 2019

Charlotte Observer editorial board wrote a scathing editorial about distrust in Senator Tillis, saying Tillis “values job over country.”

The Observer even questioned which Tillis is real — “the Thom Tillis who pretends to be a moderate, or the Thom Tillis who pretends to be a conservative,” — saying Tillis is “uncommonly bad at” the dance between appealing to his party’s base and appealing to independent voters.

December 6, 2019

Garland Tucker confirms he will withhold his endorsement for the “most conservative candidate in the race.”

December 18, 2019

The Washington Post named Tillis’ now infamous February op-ed announcing his opposition to Trump’s national emergency to its list of top op-eds in 2019, calling it “distilled proof” of the GOP’s “abandoned principles.”

December 31, 2019

Today, Tillis made ANOTHER “best of” list, as number 23 on the Washington Post’s quotes that defined American politics in 2019, for what other than claiming it’s never tough to vote when “standing on principle,” before…well, abandoning those principles.