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One Year Ago Today: Senator Tillis Voted Again For President’s Emergency Declaration Allowing $80M To Be Raided From NC Military Bases

Sen. Tillis Voted For Declaration Three Times, Twice After Learning It Would Hurt Military Communities 

RALEIGH, NC — One year ago today, Senator Tillis voted for the third time in favor of President Trump’s sham emergency declaration knowing that it would allow  $80 million to be raided from North Carolina military bases to pay for the president’s border wall. 

After claiming that “[i]t’s never a tough vote for me when I’m standing on principle’ in an op-ed opposing the declaration, Tillis was quickly met with disdain from members of his own party and even threat of a primary challenger. Facing mounting pressure from his own party, Tillis reversed course and supported the declaration. 

The Fayetteville Observer described it as an “Olympic Gold flip-flop.” 


A recent Washington Post analysis on the impact the emergency declaration highlighted that “The issue gained attention particularly in North Carolina, where Tillis was accused of flip-flopping after vowing to vote against the emergency declaration in a Washington Post op-ed but then voting twice to uphold it.” 

On the anniversary of Tillis’ first vote for the declaration, Cal said: “North Carolina service members and their families deserve independent leadership in the Senate that will make sound decisions about their safety and preparedness, not someone who puts his own political interests ahead of the security interests of our state and country. With his flip flop one year ago, Thom Tillis showed us again that he’s too weak to stand up to the President — even when it’s bad for our state. In the Senate, I’ll chart a different path — that means standing up to the President, regardless of party, when it hurts the people of North Carolina.”

Senator Tillis’ flip-flop led North Carolina military families to doubt his commitment to them, saying: “How can we trust you to fix it if you’re taking money from us actively for a border wall?”  The episode is yet another example of his inability to stand up to his own party, even at the expense of North Carolinians. Time and time again, Tillis caves to partisan pressures to save himself, even when he knows it will hurt his own state.