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One Week Until March 3rd Primary, Cal Cunningham Maintains Strong Position, Despite Mitch McConnell’s Attempt To Meddle In Primary

Cal Has Strong North Carolina Support, Leading In Endorsements, Polls, Fundraising

RALEIGH, NC – Despite Mitch McConnell’s attempt to weaken Cal Cunningham’s candidacy through shady meddling in the Democratic primary, Cal maintains strength on all fronts approaching next week’s contest.

As the GOP meddled, Cal announced new endorsements, saw increased support in public polls, and accelerated his fundraising

  • Cal recently picked up endorsements from the Communications Workers of America and the North Carolina Association of Educators, as well as the backing of publications like Charlotte Observer and News & Observer editorial boards and a progressive blog in Watauga County, “Pam’s Picks.” Cal has built a broad-based coalition that has stood with him as Republicans throw deceptive attacks his way, including more than 140 North Carolina leaders, and several North Carolina labor organizations. He’s also proud to be endorsed by groups like the Brady CampaignLeague of Conservation VotersReplacements Ltd. PAC, and End Citizens United that know he will be a leader on issues of gun violence, the environment, LGBTQ rights, and corruption in Washington.

  • If Republicans were scared of Tillis’ vulnerability before, they should be even more worried about running against Cal now. Despite a $3 million meddling effort, Cal maintains a double-digit lead in the latest poll, while Tillis is underwater with North Carolina voters and “42 percent don’t like the job he’s doing.”

  • In another proof point that the meddling has backfired, Cal announced that he raised a massive $1.4 million in the first 43 days of 2020, which is double what Tillis was able to raise in that same period of time. Cal also gained nearly 4,000 new North Carolina donors, a clear sign that voters are ready to put this seat to work for the people of North Carolina again.

In the lead up to March 3rd, it couldn’t be clearer that Cal is gaining momentum that can’t be stopped by these desperate tricks. North Carolina voters know the truth, and they are ready to make their voices heard.