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On Medicare And Medicaid Anniversary, Cal Cunningham Vows To Protect And Expand The Programs

North Carolinians Remember Thom Tillis’ Long Record Of Trying To Dismantle The Social Safety Net As They Struggle With The Economic Impact of COVID-19

RALEIGH, NC — Fifty-five years ago today, Medicare and Medicaid were signed into law.  While Cal Cunningham has called for expanding Medicaid in North Carolina and committed to protecting Medicare, Senator Thom Tillis has spent his career from Raleigh to Washington undermining these earned programs. 


  • Cal wants to expand Medicaid in North Carolina. As Speaker of the House, Tillis blocked Medicaid expansion, denying coverage to 630,000 North Carolinians. 
  • Cal wants to protect and expand the Affordable Care Act. Tillis has voted repeatedly to repeal it and stood behind the GOP lawsuit to repeal the law. Doing so would hurt Medicare recipients by raising costs for our seniors for prescription drugs and preventive care.
  • Cal has vowed to protect Medicare and Social Security from harmful cuts. Meanwhile, Tillis has voted for budgets that would cut Medicare by nearly $500 billion and suggested raising the eligibility age for Medicare. 

As North Carolinians deal with challenges due to COVID-19, like losing their job and the health insurance that comes with it, it is more important than ever to bolster the safety net that supports them through this time of crisis.  

“From Raleigh to Washington, Thom Tillis has repeatedly put the interests of his corporate bakers ahead of North Carolinians, even when it comes to protecting vital programs like Medicare and Medicaid,” said Kate Frauenfelder, a spokeswoman for Cal Cunningham’s campaign.“And as hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians remain out of work and uninsured, Tillis’ record on chipping away at the social safety net is front and center. North Carolinians can’t afford Thom Tillis’ toxic health care record any longer. In November, they’ll hold him accountable.” 

Cal Cunningham has been endorsed by The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare because they know in the Senate, he will oppose attempts to gut these programs and work to strengthen them so every American can retire with dignity and stay healthy as they age. In his COVID-19 response plan, Cal emphasized the need for a stronger safety net to help families weather the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis.