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On 10-Year Anniversary Of Affordable Care Act, Cal Cunningham Says Protecting It More Important Than Ever

Thom Tillis Has Fought To Repeal The Affordable Care Act, Blocked Medicaid Expansion As Speaker Of NC General Assembly

RALEIGH, NC — On the 10-year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, Cal Cunningham said protecting it is more important today than ever before, as the nation responds to the growing threat of the coronavirus.

“Moments like the current health crisis underscore the importance of providing quality, affordable health care to all Americans — not only so families can stay healthy throughout the year, but also so in times like these, when folks are already rightly worried about their health, they don’t have to shoulder the anxiety of how they’ll pay if they or their family get sick,” said Cal Cunningham. “North Carolinians can count on me to protect and strengthen the Affordable Care Act, which has saved lives and improved health outcomes, and in times like these, gives many peace of mind they’ll be able to afford care.”

Cal is committed to building on the success of the Affordable Care Act by adding a public insurance option and bringing down the cost of prescription drugs. In contrast, Senator Thom Tillis has voted repeatedly to repeal the law and gut protections for the 1.7 million North Carolinians living with pre-existing conditions.

Even as the country faces a public health crisis, Tillis continues to stand behind those efforts, including the GOP lawsuit that threatens the entire law. President Trump confirmed yesterday that he and his allies want to “terminate” the law, despite his Administration’s consideration of an open enrollment period due to the coronavirus.

Here’s why Tillis’ efforts to repeal ACA matter today: 

  • As part of Tillis’ attacks on the Affordable Care Act, he also voted seven times to cut funding for or completely eliminate the Affordable Care Act’s Prevention and Public Health Fund, which makes up 12 percent of the CDC’s budget. Since 2010, North Carolina has received over $129 million in grants from the Prevention and Public Health Fund.

  • As Speaker of the North Carolina House, Tillis passed the law that prevented North Carolina from expanding Medicaid, preventing over 600,000 North Carolinians from gaining health coverage, and costing North Carolina 37,000 jobs. The state has still not expanded Medicaid, as the Administration grants states with flexibility to use their expanded Medicaid programs to respond to coronavirus.