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#NCSEN UPDATE: 5 Key Contrasts Emerging Between Cal Cunningham & Thom Tillis

Tax While Thom Tillis Values His Job Over The Country “At The Expense Of North Carolinians,” Cal Will Stand Up For Our State

RALEIGH, NC – It’s officially 2020, and Senator Tillis approaches his re-election with the lowest approval of any Senator and wide-spread distrust from voters of all ideological stripes.

Meanwhile, Cal Cunningham is building a strong campaign, putting up “major hurdles” to Tillis’ re-election. With more than 140 endorsements from North Carolina leaders, and support of key organizations like the League of Conservation Voters, End Citizens United, and more, Cal is building a coalition that can win. Political observers have noted Cal’s strong profile saying, “Cunningham’s profile will help him over-perform the eventual Democratic presidential nominee, especially because of the appeal of his service in the Army.” 

To get up to speed on Cal and the 2020 Senate campaign, here are five key contrasts developing in the North Carolina Senate race between Thom Tillis and Cal Cunningham. 

  1. Cal Will Take On Washington Corruption, While Thom Tillis Is Part Of The Problem.

    Cal Cunningham has refused corporate PAC donations, while Tillis has received more than $2.3 million from corporate PACs. Instead of fighting for North Carolina families, Thom Tillis is beholden to industries like Big Pharma and oil and gas that continue to bailout his campaign. As part of Cal’s anti-corruption plan, he will fight to root out corruption in D.C. and get big money out of our political system. As a Senator, he will always put North Carolinians first. 

  2. Cal Will Protect Our Health Care, Unlike Thom Tillis Who Has Voted To Take It Away. 

    Cal Cunningham has promised to protect and improve the Affordable Care Act, including by adding a public option, bringing down prescription drug costs, and advocating for expanding Medicaid in North Carolina, while Thom Tillis has voted 13 times to completely or partially repeal the Affordable Care Act and blocked Medicaid expansion as the Speaker of the North Carolina House. 

  3. Cal Will Strengthen And Invest In Public Education, While Tillis Has Worked To Gut It. 

    Cal Cunningham has a proven record of advocating for North Carolina teachers and students. In the State Senate, he fought for smaller class sizes, increased teacher pay, and voted to start what’s known today as North Carolina Pre-K, so North Carolina kids could have a strong start. In sharp contrast, Thom Tillis passed a budget that eliminated thousands of teaching jobs, increased class sizes, and cut funding for textbooks and other supplies. 

  4. Cal Respects His Fellow Veterans And Their Families, While Tillis Has Failed Them. 

    Cal Cunningham is a proud Army veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, who understands, on a personal level, the importance of supporting our troops, their mental health, and their families. Tillis has failed to represent our state’s servicemembers and their families time and time again, caving to political pressure when it mattered most, including by sacrificing $80 million in military funding for North Carolina installations. 

  5. Cal Will Tackle Climate Crisis Head On, While Tillis Has Put North Carolina’s Coast In Jeopardy.

    Cal Cunningham is committed to taking on the climate crisis and protecting North Carolina’s environment in the Senate, which is why he’s proud to have been endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters. As our communities are ravaged by historic storms and flooding, Thom Tillis continues to ignore their root cause. He has also jeopardized North Carolina’s coasts by advocating for offshore drilling.

Tillis has prioritized his political security over the needs of North Carolina families. Cal Cunningham is running to put North Carolina first, and fight for a better future for everyone.