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#NCSEN NEED TO KNOW: Cal Leads In Recent Polls, New York Times Analysis Highlights Importance of NC Senate Race

Here’s what you need to know today:

  • Must Read:  This week, a News & Observer editorial called Senator Tillis’ flip flop on the SCOTUS vacancy a “profile in compliance” and wrote: “Anything President Trump wants, Sen. Thom Tillis is willing to deliver. North Carolina’s junior senator is clinging to Trump’s coattails in a desperate hope that his blind subservience to the president can get him re-elected to an office that is supposed to be about independent judgment and leadership.” 
  • Campaign Update: Cal Cunningham and Senator Tillis will meet tonight at 7 PM for their second statewide debate hosted by Nexstar stations. In the debate last week, Cal made his case to North Carolina voters, underscoring a clear contrast between himself and Senator Tillis on key issues like combatting the coronavirus pandemic, health care, and corruption in Washington. As expected, “Tillis found himself on the defensive over his record,” while Cal used the debate to remind voters that he will put North Carolina first. Read more highlights here

  • Cal In The News: This morning, a New York Times analysis highlighted the importance of the U.S. Senate race in North Carolina: “That makes North Carolina not just a bellwether but a linchpin, with Senator Thom Tillis holding perhaps the deciding seat in who controls the Senate. The White House, the Senate and the Supreme Court, then, could hang in the balance here.”
  • What North Carolinians Are Saying: Throughout the race, North Carolinians are raising their voices on the issues most important to them. Christina from Greensboro wrote about Tillis’ flip-flop on the SCOTUS vacancy: “In the wake of Justice Ginsburg’s death, Sen. Thom Tillis wasted no time in demonstrating exactly who he is — an unprincipled hypocrite whose word means nothing.” Larry from Greensboro wrote about health care: “Besides kowtowing to Donald Trump (reportedly removing a mask when Trump might see him), I don’t know where Tillis has been for the past six years. He certainly has done little to provide affordable health care. We haven’t gotten our money’s worth from Tillis. Cal Cunningham, in contrast, has been and will be a champion of health care for all North Carolinians.” Read more about what North Carolinians are saying about Cal, Tillis here.