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LISTEN: Cal Cunningham Joins “Tying It Together With Tim Boyum” For A Discussion On Family, Service & #NCSEN

Earlier this week, Cal Cunningham joined Tim Boyum for a discussion on his podcast “Tying It Together.” In addition to their conversation on the North Carolina Senate race, Cal spoke about growing up in Lexington, working on the family brickyard, and experiences that shaped his call to serve.

Cal talked to Tim about working on the brickyard at a young age: 

“As soon as I was old enough to get a work permit, I worked in our family brick business that my dad’s brothers were running out in the county, stacking bricks. My first job, $3.35 an hour in steel toed boots and blue jeans. I learned how to drive a forklift and a front end loader, I would climb up on top of these conveyor belts to grease the motors, the rolling pins…I learned what it meant to work at minimum wage.”

He also discussed a family tragedy, which was part of what inspired his call to serve in the military:

“My grandfather, had actually- obviously roots in Lexington, had gone to Canada and joined the Royal Airforce, had gone to England early in WWII to be a pilot…but he and my grandmother, and my aunt and uncle, were killed in a plane crash when my grandfather was flying before I was born. So I grew up in the shadow of both that tragedy, then my dad’s older brother was killed in Vietnam. He had been a paratrooper, he was with the army, he was with an elite first air cav unit, on actually Valentines Day 1967. And so both of those family experiences were a shadow that was cast over our upbringing. I remember revering my grandfather for having been a pilot and revering my dad’s older brother for having been in the army, and volunteering to go to Vietnam.”

And Cal made clear that as the campaign continues virtually, his conversations with North Carolinians will guide his priorities in the U.S. Senate and his work to improve the lives of people across the state:

“I am deeply animated by faith and was active in my Presbyterian church growing up. I believe in the biblical creed that we are our brothers and our sister’s keepers. That here in our short time, in our short time, we are called to serve each other and we do that through acts…Some of the biggest issues facing us are in front of those who are entrusted with public office. And as I think about where we are in America today, where North Carolina is, this is a way to serve. It’s an incredibly important way to serve and to give back to my state and my country. And so, make no mistake, I am deeply animated by a drive to serve.”

Listen to the full podcast.

Tying It Together Podcast: Cal Cunningham: A High-Stakes Senate Race During Coronavirus

June 1, 2020

  • On this week’s episode of Tying It Together with Tim Boyum, we talk with Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham.
  • Imagine being involved in the country’s most expensive and heated U.S. Senate race while also being forced to stay home. With coronavirus, that is what’s happening to Cunningham, who is trying to beat incumbent Republican Thom Tillis.
  • Cunningham talks with us about the challenges, while also discussing his life story and why a plane crash before he was born continues to cast a shadow over his family to this day.