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It’s Been Five Days Since Enhanced Unemployment Benefits Expired; Thom Tillis, Senate Republicans Still Haven’t Passed Additional COVID-19 Relief

Cal Cunningham Has Called For Extending Federal Benefits, Relieving State & Local Budget Shortfalls, Providing Resources For Schools, Passing Medicaid Expansion Incentive

RALEIGH, NC — Thom Tillis and his Republican colleagues in the Senate have “shown no clear plan to break a deadlock,” even as tens of millions of Americans lose unemployment benefits, see an end to the eviction moratorium, and “economists warn that permanent damage could be wrought on the economy without action.”

The last federal unemployment payment went to North Carolinians over a week ago and even with a deal “it could take additional weeks to activate the agreed-upon changes” in the state’s system. For North Carolinians, who are now trying to make ends meet with “one of the stingiest” state unemployment programs, the delays could mean financial disaster. 

Thom Tillis, who claims that “my job is fighting for your job,” has gone “AWOL on unemployment insurance” and continues to fall in line with “Senate Leader Mitch McConnell as he has resisted the emergency federal benefit of $600 that’s been keeping so many families afloat.” 

Cal Cunningham released a comprehensive set of priorities in May, and has expressed the urgent need to take action on four key priorities in the next aid package: extending federal benefits, addressing budget shortfalls in small towns and cities, ensuring schools have the resources they need, and providing additional incentive for states to expand Medicaid: “There are a lot people who are sick and hurt and financially in dire straits right now. We need to make sure all of our people have quality, affordable health care in the midst of this pandemic.”

“Senator Tillis’ inability to get this right for North Carolinians is unacceptable,” said Kate Frauenfelder, a spokeswoman for Cal Cunningham’s campaign. “He and his colleagues had months to figure this out, and now, unemployment benefits have run out, hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians are uninsured, and small towns and cities are reeling from massive budget shortfalls. Tillis claims he looks out for the little guy, but he’s proven once again that his rhetoric doesn’t match his record.”