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ICYMI: What North Carolinians Are Saying About Cal Cunningham, Thom Tillis

With less than 50 days until Election Day and as voters begin to receive absentee ballots , North Carolinians are voicing their support for Cal and speaking out about the key contrasts in the race for U.S. Senate. North Carolinians know Cal is on their side, while Sen. Tillis has failed our state on issues ranging from  blocking Medicaid expansion to failing to lead effectively during theCOVID crisis, and refusing to stand up to his corporate donors in Washington. North Carolina voters are ready for a leader like Cal Cunningham, who they trust to get the job done. 

Read what’s on the minds of North Carolinians:

Larry from Greensboro writes about health care, one of the biggest issues in the North Carolina Senate race: “Ads for Thom Tillis boast of the work he has done to provide health care to North Carolinians. Nothing could be further from the truth. Tillis has opposed real efforts to provide affordable health care. In the General Assembly — and ever since — he has opposed the Affordable Care Act. When he ran against Kay Hagan in 2014, he declared her support for the act a “firing offense.” Besides kowtowing to Donald Trump (reportedly removing a mask when Trump might see him), I don’t know where Tillis has been for the past six years. He certainly has done little to provide affordable health care. We haven’t gotten our money’s worth from Tillis. Cal Cunningham, in contrast, has been and will be a champion of health care for all North Carolinians.”

Lynn from Durham writes about how a Tillis staffer’s dismissive comments to a three-time cancer survivor who asked for help securing health care coverage is bigger than just one staffer’s mistake. It represents Senator Tillis’ view on health care: “The staffer was simply putting into words Tillis’ abject failure to do anything about the health care crisis facing North Carolinians. When Tillis was in the N.C. legislature he led the effort against expanding Medicaid. That allowed our tax dollars to go to other states and left thousands without access to basic medical care. While in the U.S. Senate, he voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Tillis’ staffers should not be reprimanded for accurately representing his longstanding position of denying health care to desperate constituents. North Carolina deserves better than Tillis.”

Jeffrey from Southport writes about Tillis’ failure to stand up to his own party for North Carolina veterans: “I’ve been disgusted by President Trump’s disparagement of heroes like Arthur as “losers” and “suckers.” Sadly, I have come to expect such outrages, but I never thought that Sen. Thom Tillis, who regularly expresses his support for the military on social media, would remain silent in the face of such disgraceful insults by his party’s leader. My several attempts to obtain a statement from Tillis were rebuffed. Arthur and thousands like him fought bravely. Tillis’ failure to defend them is a stunning display of cowardice and disrespect.”

Bill from Wilkesboro wrote about the importance of having a leader in the Senate, especially during times of crisis:We face a number of challenges today, from the pandemic to the economic crisis, and we have to get this Senate election right. It’s about leadership, not ideology. We cannot predict what events Congress will ultimately face (for instance, 9/11 and COVID-19) but we can elect the best people to represent us. I’ve done my research, and one candidate stands out. Cal Cunningham has an undergraduate and law degree from UNC and master’s degree from the London School of Economics. He’s a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, for which he received the Bronze Star. He has served as vice chair of the Governor’s Crime Commission. So let’s remember that elections aren’t about attack ads. They’re about which candidate is best prepared to do the work, no matter what comes our way. Cal Cunningham is the leader we need in Washington, D.C. to fight for improved education, low-cost health care and economic opportunity for all North Carolinians.”

And Betty from Wilmington said she’s voting for Cal to uphold voting rights: “I was stunned that President Donald Trump used his recent trip to Wilmington to tell supporters to vote by mail and again in person. The North Carolina Board of Elections deserves credit for quickly issuing a statement reminding citizens that it is a felony to vote more than once. The president’s telling backers to vote twice is especially offensive considering he has shown no regard for voting rights. The House of Representatives passed the John Lewis Voting Rights Act to ensure every American citizen is able to vote.  It also passed legislation granting statehood to the 705,000 taxpaying Americans living in Washington, D.C., my former home, so they would have the same rights to vote for U.S. Senate and other offices that Americans living in the 50 states have. The Trump Administration opposed both bills, so Mitch McConnell and Thom Tillis have bottled up voting rights bills in the Senate, acting as Trump’s rubber stamp there. Tillis has voted with Trump 93% of the time.  It’s time for a senator from North Caroline who respects the constitutional principle of all citizens having the right to vote-but only once.  That’s why I’m casting my vote for Cal Cunningham for Senate.”