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ICYMI: Tillis Is “Under Fire” With Republican Primary Challengers, “Disgusted By Thom Tillis’ Flip-Flopping & Inconsistency”

A Fayetteville Observer article highlighted frustrations Tillis’ Republican primary challengers have with his record in Washington.

Larry Holmquist cites “Thom Tillis’ flip-flopping and inconsistency on issues that are critical to conservatives” as evidence that he “betrays conservatives with his vote.” 

Sharon Hudson said Tillis “totally ignored his constituents” on toll lanes, as just one example of him being “out of touch with his constituents.”

With quotes like these, it’s no wonder Tillis has abysmal approval ratings. But this article is just the latest sign that he is disliked by people of all political stripes. Earlier this year, he became the 2020 case study of GOP subservience with the New York Times making an example out of him: “Republicans who’ve dipped a toe in anti-Trump waters have quickly recoiled.”  

And after his flip-flop on the national emergency declaration vote, Morning Consult data showed “moderates questioning his independence from the president and conservatives questioning his loyalty.” 

In September, Senator Tillis was met with a chorus of boos from Republican base voters at a Trump rally. Now, he’s trying to make up for lost time with a speaking slot at another rally just one day before the March 3rd primary.

But for Mitch McConnell’s most vulnerable incumbent, it might be too little too late.

Fayetteville Observer: Thom Tillis under fire by fellow Republicans in NC Senate primary

By John Henderson – 2/27/2020

Key Points:

  • Republican candidates challenging incumbent Sen. Thom Tillis in the March 3 primary argue that he has not done enough to represent the conservative base and support President Donald Trump.

  • Larry Holmquist of Greensboro, one of three Republicans challenging Tillis, said he is “disgusted by Thom Tillis’ flip-flopping and inconsistency on issues that are critical to conservatives.”

  • “In my opinion, Sen Tillis is a very ‘iffy’ or inconsistent conservative,” Holmquist said. “He does not support the president the way I think he should at times, and frankly, I think he betrays conservatives with his votes.”

  • Holmquist said he likes his chances of winning the seat, pointing out that he’s the true conservative in the race.

  • Sharon Hudson, a small business owner from north Mecklenburg County also running for the GOP nomination, said Tillis is out of touch with his constituents.

  • She said, for example, that Tillis supported a toll-road project on Interstate 77 that Charlotte area residents clearly did not want.

  • In 2014, when Tillis was speaker of the N.C. House and running for the Senate seat, residents opposed to the planned I-77 toll lanes protested outside Tillis’ north Mecklenburg campaign headquarters. Tillis had said he supported toll lanes as the only way to relieve traffic congestion.

  • “Tillis pushed that through, and he totally ignored his constituents,” Hudson said. “We did everything we could to fight it.”