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ICYMI: Senator Tillis Urged His Constituents To Follow Safety Protocols, Then He Got Caught Violating Them

After repeatedly urging North Carolinians to wear a mask, social distance, and adhere to safety guidelines, Senator Tillis got caught maskless on the White House lawn while watching the President’s speech with over 1,000 guests, who were seated close together and also not wearing masks. 

When it comes to Senator Tillis, there’s always two sides, but no matter what side we get — it’s all bad for North Carolina. Watch:

Just one day before he attended the speech, he sent out an email saying that wearing a mask “saves lives” and is about “looking out for our neighbors.” Too bad he can’t follow his own standards: 

  • “And like I said, folks who are not wearing masks are really COVID’s best friend.”
  • “And I’m trying to lead by example, do what I’m asking others to do, and I think that that’s what every elected official must do. The last thing I want to do is see an elected official who is responsible for imposing a stay at home order or a wear a facial mask order out in public and not with a mask on.”

That type of hypocrisy is exactly why North Carolinians don’t trust him. He’s too weak to stand by his convictions when it means standing up to his own party, so he broke his own advice to fit in. As Cal Cunningham tweeted: “Plain and simple: he’s a follower, not a leader.” 

North Carolina is used to Senator Tillis putting his political security before the needs of our state. His decision to take off his mask at an event where health and safety protocols he claims to support were not followed made that even clearer. As the Washington Post pointed out, “[h]ad he masked up Trump would have probably ridiculed him from the stage for being weak.”

North Carolina deserves a Senator that actually leads by example, stands by their convictions, and speaks up for them when it matters most. Senator Tillis has made it clear time and time again that North Carolinians can’t count on him to do that. 

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