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ICYMI: North Carolinians Urge Senator Tillis To Focus On COVID-19 Relief Instead Of Fast Tracking SCOTUS Nominee

Yesterday, Mitch McConnell and Senator Tillis voted for the second time on a sham bill that was “destined” to fail as an attempt to provide political coverage for vulnerable Senators like Tillis. Instead of working to find a bipartisan compromise for COVID-19 relief, Tillis is working to quickly advance Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court. 

North Carolinians are speaking out about Tillis’ failure to pass COVID-19 relief, even as the state’s unemployment rate climbed and COVID-19 cases are climbing throughout the state. Yesterday, North Carolina workers held a news conference holding Tillis accountable for failing to pass a relief bill when North Carolinians are struggling to weather this economic crisis. 


Uschi Woronin, a flight attendant from Huntersville, explained how she and other airline workers felt abandoned by their Senators: “A better word would have been expendable or, better yet, disposable because that’s how we are currently being treated.”

John Motsinger, who lost his job working as a stagehand when the pandemic hit, calls for Tillis to focus on passing urgent COVID relief: “We have been forgotten. We are not going on days, we are not going on weeks, we are going on months of unemployment.”

The desire for Senate Republicans to focus on coronavirus relief instead of the SCOTUS confirmation is widespread across North Carolina and the country, as a new poll found that nearly 66 percent of likely voters nationwide would like Congress to focus on passing COVID-19 relief, including 62 percent of voters in battleground states like North Carolina. 

Cal Cunningham has repeatedly called for Senator Tillis to take action on COVID-19 relief, holding numerous press calls to hold Tillis accountable and listen to the needs of North Carolinians. This week, Cal released five things that should be included in the Senate’s stimulus package including extended federal unemployment benefits, relief for small towns and cities, sufficient funding for schools, resources for small businesses, and a Medicaid expansion incentive.

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CBS 17: Some unemployed workers in NC frustrated as another stimulus proposal fails to pass US Senate

By Michael Hyland – October 21, 2020

  •  As another stimulus proposal failed to pass the Senate Wednesday, some unemployed workers in North Carolina expressed their frustration as they brace to be out of work for an extended period of time. 
  • Uschi Woronin, a flight attendant who lives in Huntersville, said she was recently furloughed after five years working for American Airlines. 
  • “A better word would have been expendable or, better yet, disposable because that’s how we are currently being treated,” she said. 
  • Woronin singled out Republican Sen. Thom Tillis, who is up for re-election this year.
  • In a statement, Cunningham said, “The goal of this bill is not to solve North Carolinians’ problems, but to solve Senator Tillis’ political problems. The fact is this bill cuts unemployment assistance in half, does nothing to help local governments keep essential workers like first responders and public safety workers on the payroll, leaves our public schools without the resources they need, and fails to address the ongoing need to expand access to health care to the hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians who have lost coverage during this crisis.” 
  • Cunningham has supported extending the $600 weekly federal unemployment benefits and prioritized the issues mentioned in his statement. He has not backed a specific stimulus bill, having criticized the Democratic-backed HEROES Act that passed the House in May and cost more than $3 trillion. 

WXII: North Carolina union workers call on Sen. Thom Tillis for coronavirus relief package

By Bill O’Neil

  • Senate leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) repeatedly warned the White House against reaching a deal with Democrats before the election. The concern is that a deal might disrupt the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.
  • Union workers in North Carolina held a news conference Wednesday calling out Republicans, especially Sen. Thom Tillis, for failing to pass a relief package.
  • Among those calling out Tillis is John Motsinger, a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a currently unemployed stagehand.
  • “We have been forgotten. We are not going on days, we are not going on weeks, we are going on months of unemployment,” Motsinger said.