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ICYMI: Democrats Denounce GOP Meddling, Cunningham: North Carolinians Will See Through BS

Cal Cunningham and Democratic candidates denounced the unprecedented Republican meddling in the Democratic primary, as a GOP-affiliated super PAC with unknown donors spends a staggering $2.4 million to try to tip the scales in favor of weak incumbent Thom Tillis.

“I have a message for Mitch McConnell and Thom Tillis: We are coming for you,” Cal told voters at the Senate forum at Charlotte’s Tuesday Morning Breakfast Forum. “They are trying to disrupt Democrats either by weakening my candidacy or making it harder for Democrats to come together after the primary…My gut tells me North Carolinians have a really strong BS meter. And this is triggering it.”

North Carolina Policy Watch noted today that the “right-wing money dump” appears to be a panicked response to Cal Cunningham’s strong candidacy, who “many view as an especially formidable potential opponent for Republican Thom Tillis in November.”

On Monday, former Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx weighed in on the Republican meddling saying “clearly Senator Tillis and his allies don’t like the idea of running against [Cal], a decorated veteran who is leading in the polls and has a strong, diverse coalition behind him.”  

It’s become abundantly clear that these dirty tactics are just another sign of Tillis’ vulnerability and Republicans’ full scale panic over him.

Tillis and Washington Republicans’ silence proves that this isn’t anything other than an example of cynical Trumpian politics at their absolute worst.”