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ICYMI: Cal Calling On Senate To Pass A COVID-19 Relief Package That Includes Key North Carolina Priorities

As the Senate returns from a nearly month-long recess this week, Cal is standing with North Carolinians to push for action on a COVID-19 relief package that reflects the needs of our state. On Tuesday, Cal joined Patricia Timmons-Goodson, Marine Corps veteran Bill Rowan, small business owner Kim Joy, and Isaac Sturgill from North Carolina Legal Aid on a press call to discuss the ways North Carolinians have been hurt by Senator Thom Tillis’ inaction in Washington and to call on him to pass a meaningful relief package instead of engaging in partisan posturing.

Cal released his COVID-19 priorities in May, and has been calling on Tillis to take action to support North Carolinians struggling through this public health and economic crisis including by:

  • Expanding enhanced unemployment benefits,

  • Relieving state and local government budget shortfalls,

  • Providing resources for schools and small businesses,

  • Providing relief for the postal service,

  • And passing a Medicaid expansion incentive.

Meanwhile, Tillis walked away from negotiations on a COVID-19 package in July and left town to go on recess. Since then, the federal unemployment benefits have expiredschools returned without additional funding, millions remain without health coverage, and the USPS has seen major cuts, harming North Carolina’s rural communities and veterans.

While Republican Leader Mitch McConnell pushed members like Tillis to vote for a ‘skinny’ relief package — a political stunt that doesn’t reflect the needs of North Carolinians and has no chance of being signed into law — Cal is calling on Tillis to do his job and secure real relief for North Caroliniains who are hurting.

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Fayetteville Observer: Democrats say Republicans Tillis, Hudson doing too little for COVID relief

By Paul Woolverton – September 9, 2020

  • As Congress returns to work this week after a four-week break and the Senate prepares to vote on a new coronavirus relief bill, two Democrats who want to get elected to the U.S. House and Senate said their Republican incumbent opponents must do more to help North Carolinians get through the pandemic.

  • They also said lawmakers must help the U.S. Postal Service, which is in financial dire straits and has had slowdowns in mail delivery.
  • Congress needs to act to pass additional COVID relief,” Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham said during a video meeting with North Carolina news reporters Tuesday. “During this time and for many months, North Carolinians continue to struggle without congressional action.”

  • A COVID relief bill that the Senate is expected to vote on this week appears to be an attempt to “provide political cover to Thom Tillis rather than solve the problems, if they’re working toward some sort of partisan vote,” Cunningham said. “We’ve always known, I’ve said from the beginning, that we were gonna need bipartisan action in the Senate. And that’s going to require some give and take.”
  • Cunningham and Timmons-Goodson appeared with a business owner from Wilson who said the COVID shutdown hurt her stained glass business tremendously and she couldn’t collect unemployment benefits because she went without a salary last year. A Marine veteran said delivery time for his prescription medicines by mail grew from a week or less to 18 days.

  • And a Legal Aid lawyer said many of his agency’s clients lost work because of the pandemic, struggle to pay their bills since federal unemployment aid ended in late July, and their families face eviction as they have fallen behind in rent.

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