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HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: We Have Just The Thing For A Vulnerable Senator

The Thom Tillis campaign is hoping that putting North Carolinians in the holiday spirit by selling MAGA-themed Santa hats will distract from his low approval rating, deep trouble with his base, and lousy press.

Here are some gift ideas for Thom Tillis.


Tired of being boo-ed on stage at rallies? Tune it out!


These plans are light on meaningful coverage, allowing insurance companies to offer plans that do not cover pre-existing conditions, prescription drugs, mental health or maternity benefits. 

Tillis has supported the junk plans, building on his repeated attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and its protections for individuals living with pre-existing conditions, including the 1.7 million in North Carolina. 


Let someone down recently and need a way to tell them you’ll make it up to them? Then we have the gift for you — an $80 million IOU. 

Cash this in when you really reversed on your promise, like when Thom Tillis voted THREE times to back President Trump’s sham national emergency at the expense of North Carolinians, allowing the White House to raid $80 million from North Carolina military projects. 

People who purchased this gift also liked these gifts:

  • Olympic Gold Medal: After first opposing the White House’s use of the emergency declaration to build the wall, Tillis reversed his position and backed the President THREE times, in what the Fayetteville Observer called an “Olympic Gold Flip-Flop.”

  • Flipping Fish: Don’t miss this scathing Charlotte Observer editorial that said Tillis “flips like a fish on a dock.”

  • BONUS: Purchase a $4 Suitcase, and we’ll throw in a cheap lawn chair for free — both fold easily just like Thom Tillis!


This gift is great if you, like Thom Tillis, believe “we’d be even better off” if you “could wave a wand and do everything we did in North Carolina up in D.C.” 

It’s especially helpful if you believe that record of failure from Raleigh to Washington will set you apart from your challengers — cause you need some magic to make that work when your record includes: 

  • Blocking Medicaid expansion, which would extend coverage to 630,000 North Carolinians, and voting in the Senate to gut protections for 1.7 million North Carolinians with pre-existing conditions.

  • Passing a tax law as Speaker that benefited the top earners, while eliminating tax breaks for middle class families, teachers buying school supplies and families saving for college.

  • Passing a voter suppression law that was struck down for targeting “African Americans with almost surgical precision.”


This is the perfect gift for politicians who are constantly looking out for themselves, casting votes to prioritize their own political security over the needs of their constituents, people like Thom Tillis who “value their jobs over their country.”