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ICYMI: Mitch McConnell Super PAC Confirms It Impersonated A Democratic Group To Meddle In #NCSEN Dem Primary

After refusing to comment for over two weeks, Mitch McConnell’s super PAC, Senate Leadership Fund, admitted it’s behind the $3 million meddling effort of “Faith and Power PAC.”

Even though, “it was clear the group was tied to Republicans when it began spending in early February,” new FEC filings showed that the entirety of the Faith and Power PAC’s contributions came from the Senate Leadership Fund.”  

As Cook Political Reports highlights, “this is a seat absolutely critical to the balance of power in the Senate,” so it’s no wonder they are terrified of a general election match-up with Cal. The meddling efforts are not a vote of confidence for Thom Tillis, who is still underwater with North Carolina voters, as Cal maintains a double-digit lead ahead of March 3rd, and doubled Tillis’ pre-primary fundraising.

Their attempt to weaken Cunningham’s candidacy has ultimately backfired as “the coverage of the Faith and Power mystery may have had a more significant impact than the ads themselves.” From the start, Cal knew that these ads were triggering North Carolinians’ “BS meter.” 

And worse, they’ve set themselves up for an even trickier general election after undermining their own argument. As the Associated Press reported: “Despite the attempts to link Cunningham to Sanders, the Faith and Power PAC ads appear to more closely align the policies backed by Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to Smith.”  

Their failed meddling has proven that even Mitch McConnell knows that Thom Tillis is his weakest incumbent. Cal responded Friday morning: “I’ve got a message for McConnell and his allies — your scheme won’t work and I’ll see you in November.”

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