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Four Signs Of Cal’s Momentum As Tillis Repeats Misleading Attacks In Desperate Attempt To Save His Flailing Campaign

In Month Of July, Cal’s Campaign Raised More Than $3.6 Million — $1 Million More Than Tillis Raised In All Of Q2

RALEIGH, NC — As Senator Thom Tillis returns to the airwaves today repeating misleading attacks on Cal Cunningham because he’s desperate to save his flailing campaign, here are four signs of Cal’s momentum and proof Tillis is flailing.

  1. Cal’s campaign raised more than $3.6 million in the month of July alone. This is $1 million more than Tillis raised in the months of April, May, and June combined.
  2. Cal continues to demonstrate strong grassroots support, including:
    1. 10,000 North Carolina donors last month alone, including nearly 4,500 new North Carolina donors. 
    2. Ninety-four percent of all donations were under $100 in July. 
  3. The Coordinated Campaign, tasked with getting out the vote for Cal and Democrats up and down the ballot, made more than one million calls to North Carolina voters in July.
  4. Cal led Tillis in nine public polls in the month of July.

With momentum like this, it’s no wonder “Tillis omits key facts” once again to try to mislead voters about Cal. Get the facts about this misleading attack here.