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Five Years Ago Today: Senator Tillis Derailed A Bill To Help Wounded Veterans Access Fertility Treatments

Paralyzed Veterans Of America Called Tillis’ Actions “Histrionic Political Grandstanding“; Veterans Still Forced To Pay Out-of-Pocket Today

RALEIGH, NC — On this day five years ago, Senator Tillis blocked a bill that would have allowed the Department of Veterans Affairs to pay for IVF, forcing veterans to continue paying high out-of-pocket costs. By adding a hyper-partisan poison pill to the legislation, Tillis derailed the bill and dashed the hopes of wounded veterans who wanted to start a family. 

The Paralyzed Veterans of America blasted Tillis for “histrionic political grandstanding” and emphasized the need for the country to “uphold its moral obligation to make whole those men and women who have been sent into harm’s way and returned broken.” 

Cal Cunningham believes that when our servicemembers serve, their families do too, and we owe them a debt that can never fully be repaid. That’s why unlike Senator Tillis, Cal will put the Senate seat to work for North Carolina servicemembers by making sure they have the resources they need, and fighting to protect and expand support for military families.

From blocking fertility treatments to wounded veterans to siding with the White House to take $80 million from North Carolina military projects, Thom Tillis has repeatedly has turned his back on North Carolina’s military community in favor of his corporate donors and his political future. 

“Honoring those who serve our country is part of North Carolina’s DNA,” said Kate Frauenfelder, a spokeswoman for Cal Cunningham’s campaign. “In November, Senator Tillis will be forced to defend his failure to stand up for military families across the state, and Cal stands ready to hold him accountable for continuously putting his own political security ahead of our national security.” 

In May, Cal Cunningham launched Veterans & Military Families for Cal, a group dedicated to helping elect Cal to the Senate so he can bring a unique voice on veterans issues to Washington. He continues to listen and lift up the issues that matter most to them as he campaigns virtually across the state.