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Five Questions Senator Tillis Should Demand Answers To On Behalf of North Carolinians Harmed By USPS Cuts

Tillis Has Failed to Press His Donor, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, on Harmful USPS Cuts

RALEIGH, NC — This week, Senator Thom Tillis’ donor, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, is set to testify in front of the U.S. Senate as DeJoy faces bipartisan criticism for cuts and rollbacks made to postal service operations that DeJoy initiated, only to roll them back under pressure. The changes slowed down mail delivery, jeopardized delivery of prescription drugs to veterans, and raised questions over how North Carolinians would vote by mail this fall. 

So far, Tillis has refused to hold his donor accountable. In case Tillis would like to do his job and represent the interests of North Carolinians, below are five questions Tillis should demand answers to:

  • Will the USPS commit to returning the seven mail sorting machines that were removed from a postal facility in Charlotte?
    • Yesterday, the Charlotte Observer reported the removal of seven mail sorting machines from a postal facility near the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Workers at the facility did not know why the sorting machines were removed. Mail sorting machines are especially important this year to make sure ballots mailed in by North Carolinians arrive at local Boards of Elections on time.
  • Will the USPS commit to treating all ballots as first class mail to ensure they are delivered on time and ahead of Election Day?
    • The USPS has informed state officials that ballots sent through the regular mail process, classified as third class, can take up to 10 days to be delivered and may not arrive in time to be counted for Election Day. The USPS should commit to treat all ballots sent by mail as first class mail to expedite delivery.
  • Because of cutbacks initiated, then halted, by DeJoy, North Carolinians aren’t getting essential mail, including life-saving medication, on time. What is the USPS doing to reverse the damage that has already been done and make sure this critical mail is reaching North Carolinians on time?
    • North Carolinians across the state, like Bill, a Marine Corps Veteran, and Bonnie’s niece and father, are experiencing delays in getting their life-saving medication through the mail. While DeJoy tried to save face by reversing his harmful cuts yesterday, the damage has already been done. North Carolinians deserve to know what steps he will take to get this critical mail delivered on time.
  • How will the USPS speed up mail delivery to rural communities in North Carolina that have been disproportionately harmed by cuts and rollbacks?
    • Rural communities in North Carolina have been hit especially hard by DeJoy’s cuts and rollbacks. The USPS is legally mandated to deliver mail to areas that companies like FedEx and Amazon may not. Rural North Carolinians depend on the USPS to deliver mail, including medications, paychecks or essential supplies amid the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Instead of playing politics, will DeJoy do his job on behalf of the American people and push Congress and the Administration for the resources needed to maintain a fully-functioning USPS, and ensure that ballots can be delivered on time ahead of the November election?
    • While Washington plays political games over funding for the USPS, Tillis donor DeJoy must stop giving in to political pressure and do his duty to push for full funding for the USPS so it has the resources it needs to get mail to North Carolinians and ensure voters in North Carolina can be sure their ballot will be counted in time.