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If Senator Tillis Wants To “Get Back To Work,” He Should Start By Protecting North Carolinians With Pre-Existing Conditions

While Tillis Runs On Impeachment, Cal Cunningham Releases New Ad Drawing Contrast On Health Care

RALEIGH, NC –  Today, in a new digital ad released exclusively to CNN, Thom Tillis made exceedingly clear that he plans on “running on his opposition to the impeachment of President Donald Trump.” This is likely his only chance given that “Tillis is trusted by neither moderates nor conservatives.”

The ad itself says Tillis wants to “get back to work.” If Tillis wants to finally do the job North Carolinians elected him to do, he can start by calling a vote on the House-passed bill to protect those living with pre-existing conditions, like the 1.7 million in North Carolina.

The contrast between Cal Cunningham and Thom Tillis could not be clearer. While Tillis is making political the impeachment process and running on it, Cal released a new ad this week focused on protecting families impacted by pre-existing conditions from losing coverage and the contrast between himself and Tillis on this issue.

Watch Cal’s new ad, which tells the story of Susie, from Union County, and the health coverage her kids rely on for complex medical needs. The ad focuses on Cal’s promise to protect families like Susie’s from Tillis’ insistence on jeopardizing their health care.