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Does Senator Tillis Agree With The President On Abandoning COVID-19 Relief Negotiations While North Carolinians Wait For Relief?

Before The President’s Announcement, When Asked About Continuing Negotiations, Sen. Tillis Said: “I Believe That We Should.” 

RALEIGH, NC — Senator Thom Tillis has delayed COVID-19 relief for months, leaving North Carolinians without the support they need in this time of crisis. Now that the President has instructed his staff to end negotiations on additional relief, does Senator Tillis think this is the right decision for North Carolina? 

When Senator Tillis was asked in an interview this week about considering a bigger stimulus package, he said: “I believe that we should.”

But now that the President has called off negotiations, will Senator Tillis stand up for North Carolinians like he said he would and or will he cave to the President once again?

The Winston-Salem Journal reported this week that since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic earlier this spring, 1.31 million North Carolinians have applied for unemployment benefits. Without relief, experts argue the economy will be hampered even more: 

  • An economist professor from William & Mary expects that “we will see businesses capitulate and begin to announce large scale layoffs.” 
  • Even an economist who has argued in favor of the President’s reelection said, “If there isn’t more stimulus, the recovery is in danger of collapsing. It’s that simple…Waiting until after the election is waiting too long.” 
  • A Harvard economist provided a harrowing warning: “The risk to waiting is that we may find ourselves in a place where we’re unable to turn back, we’ll hit a tipping point.” 

For over two months now, North Carolinains out of work have been relying on state unemployment benefits, “one of the stingiest” in the country. Without relief, they will continue to fall behind on bills and struggle to put food on the table.

“Senator Tillis is too weak to stand up to the President and  negotiate meaningful relief for North Carolinians, even though it’s his job to fight for our state,” said Kate Frauenfelder, a spokeswoman for Cal Cunningham’s campaign. “As coronavirus cases continue to rise and more than one million North Carolinians remain out of work, Senator Tillis should be working to find a bipartisan solution — not accepting what party leaders and Washington tell him to do.”