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Coverage For 1.7 Million North Carolinians Living With Pre-Existing Conditions Still At Risk After Supreme Court Ruling On GOP Lawsuit Enabled By Thom Tillis

Senator Tillis’ Tax Law Made This Lawsuit Possible; Tillis Has Voted Repeatedly To Gut The Affordable Care Act, Blocked Medicaid Expansion In North Carolina As Speaker Of North Carolina House

RALEIGH, NC – Coverage for 1.7 million North Carolinians with pre-existing conditions remains at risk today following the Supreme Court’s ruling on the GOP lawsuit made possible by Senator Thom Tillis and Washington Republicans’ tax law, the latest salvo in the GOP’s efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

The Court struck down the individual mandate but was unclear in its ruling whether the entire Affordable Care Act must be struck down, leaving it to the lower court to determine its fate and leaving coverage for millions in the balance.

Senator Thom Tillis has been pivotal to GOP efforts to repeal the law. He supported the GOP tax law that laid the foundation for this reckless lawsuit, voted repeatedly to repeal the Affordable Care Act and gut its preexisting conditions protections, and blocked Medicaid expansion in North Carolina as the Speaker of the North Carolina House.

“Senator Tillis has spent his career making it harder for North Carolinians to access health care, and today, thanks in part to his vote to support the GOP tax law, coverage for 1.7 million North Carolinians with pre-existing conditions like asthma and cancer is at risk,” said Cal Cunningham, candidate for U.S. Senate.  “More than ever, North Carolinians need new leadership in the Senate to bring down health care costs and expand access, which I’m committed to doing when I hold this seat.” 

While Tillis has built a career attacking North Carolinians’ health care, Cal is committed to protecting and improving the Affordable Care Act by adding a public option, bringing down prescription drug costs. He also believes we need to finally expand Medicaid in North Carolina.

Since arriving in Washington, Tillis has voted 13 times in the U.S. Senate to repeal all or part of the Affordable Care Act, including votes that would have taken coverage away from 32 million Americans and defunded Planned Parenthood.

In an interview with Fox News, Senator Tillis described a vote to take away health care from millions of Americans as “courageous,” because it would have “significantly reduced protections for people with pre-existing conditions.”

As Speaker of the North Carolina House, Tillis passed the law that prevented North Carolina from expanding Medicaid, preventing over 600,000 North Carolinians from gaining health coverage, and costing North Carolina 37,000 jobs.