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Coronavirus Response Requires Steady, Clear Leadership At Federal Level As North Carolina Asks For More Test Kits

Governor Cooper Has Made Clear North Carolina Needs Additional Coronavirus Test Kits From The CDC

The Administration’s Failure To “Conduct Widespread Testing Slowed Diagnoses, Creating Chains Of Infection”

RALEIGH, NC — As states across the country continue their response to the growing threat of the coronavirus, North Carolinians need steady, clear leadership at the federal level now more than ever, and that starts with ensuring our state has a sufficient number of test kits.

Governor Roy Cooper has been clear that North Carolina lacks access to the testing kits needed to test for the coronavirus, while the Administration “is still not producing enough tests to meet the national demand.” 

To help our state test for cases of coronavirus and accurately diagnose the infected to prevent its spread, Senator Thom Tillis must call on the Administration to quickly deliver test kits to North Carolina.

According to Politico“The government’s incapacity to conduct widespread testing slowed diagnoses, creating chains of infection. It also deprived epidemiologists of a map that could have told them how far and how fast the virus was traveling and where they should concentrate efforts to slow it down.” 

As the U.S. deals with the consequences of the growing threat of coronavirus, here are key questions for Senator Tillis: 

  1. What has Senator Tillis done to speed up the delivery of test kits to states like North Carolina that have asked the CDC for additional tests?

  2. Does Senator Tillis agree with the Administration’s insistence on creating its own testing regimen rather than using the already-created World Health Organization’s diagnostic test, which dozens of countries used to identify infections?

  3. Trump falsely claimed in a CDC tour “Anybody who wants a test will get a test, that’s the bottom line.” Will Senator Tillis correct the President’s spread of misinformation about access to diagnostic tests and the Administration’s readiness to deal with the virus?

  4. Senator Tillis praised the Administration’s “strong leadership” in response to the growing threat of coronavirus, but does he agree with its decisions to ignore the recommendations of health professionals, like overruling health officials who sought to urge the elderly or those with health issues not to fly commercially?

  5. Does Senator Tillis stand behind his support for the Better Care and Reconciliation Act, which would have eliminated ACA’s “Prevention and Public Health Fund in 2018, which makes up 12%, or nearly $900 million, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s budget”?