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CONFIRMED: Mitch McConnell Behind Failing Effort To Meddle In #NCSEN Democratic Primary

Cal Cunningham Responds: “Your Scheme Won’t Work And I’ll See You In November”

RALEIGH, NC — New reporting confirms Mitch McConnell’s super PAC is behind the shady meddling in the North Carolina Democratic primary.

The GOP group’s $3 million meddling effort under the name “Faith and Power PAC” was entirely funded by McConnell’s super PAC, Senate Leadership Fund, which had previously refused to comment on the effort.

“Mitch McConnell meddled in our state’s election to try to mislead voters, and it’s clear why — he knows Thom Tillis has failed North Carolinians by every measure and he’s terrified to face me in November,” said Cal Cunningham. “These tactics are the very corruption North Carolinians are fed up with because it’s preventing us from taking action on the issues that matter to our neighbors, like investing in health care and education, or addressing the climate crisis that’s ravaged our state. I’ve got a message for McConnell and his allies — your scheme won’t work and I’ll see you in November.”

Other news that broke late Thursday: As Senator Tillis filed his pre-primary report, Tillis also revealed in his statement of organization that he now uses Chain Bridge Bank — the same bank used by Faith and Power PAC. This is the first report Tillis has filed since the creation of the group.

As Cal’s campaign continues to gain momentum, it’s clear Mitch McConnell and Washington Republicans are panicked by the prospect of facing him in the general election.

  • Cal’s campaign reported Thursday that it raised $1.4 million in the pre-primary period, doubling Thom Tillis’ fundraising in that same time.

  • Cal has led in the four most recent public polls, including the most recent WRAL poll, in which Cal led the closest opponent by 25 points.

  • Cal continues to grow the list of individuals and organizations supporting his campaign.

Read the report on Mitch McConnell’s $3 million admission that Senator Thom Tillis is his weakest incumbent below. 

The Hill: Top GOP super PAC spent money on NC Democrat

By Reid Wilson – February 20, 2020

Key Points: 

  • The largest super PAC that supports Republican Senate candidates will say in a filing with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) late Thursday it spent millions of dollars to boost a liberal Democratic candidate running for the right to face Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) in November.

  • The Senate Leadership Fund, the super PAC run by close allies of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), will reveal in the FEC filings that it was behind a secretive new group created earlier this month that has spent millions on television advertising ahead of the March 3 Democratic primary, The Hill has learned..

  • The FEC reports will show the Senate Leadership Fund spent about $3 million on television and radio spots boosting Smith, funneled through a group calling itself the Faith and Power PAC. The filings show the entirety of the Faith and Power PAC’s contributions came from the Senate Leadership Fund.

  • Even before the FEC filings, the Faith and Power PAC appeared to have ties to national Republicans.

  • It opened an account at Chain Bridge Bank, a small financial institution run by a former Republican senator that is used by Republican candidates and causes including President Trump’s reelection campaign. The group bought advertisements through a Republican media buying firm based in Alexandria, Va.