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Cal Cunningham Underscores The Importance Of Government Oversight & Accountability As He Releases Priorities To Strengthen Inspectors General

As Repeated State Department Firings & Resignations Have Threatened Independence Of IGs, Cal Wants To Bolster Their Fundamental Oversight Function

RALEIGH, NC — Following the departure of the State Department’s acting watchdog Stephen Akard, the latest in a series of disruptions to the independence of Inspectors Generals, Cal Cunningham is releasing his priorities for protecting our Inspectors Generals to ensure strong oversight over government agencies. 

Cal’s priorities include: 

  • Protecting Inspectors General from politically-motivated firings.
  • Strengthening and clarifying the law to require advance notification by the Administration prior to removing an IG, as well as clear, detailed rationale for the removal.
  • Establishing a clear requirement for the filling of vacant IG positions.
  • Ensuring that is funded.

As an Army prosecutor, Cal took on corrupt government contractors who were disrupting the mission by breaking the law on the taxpayer dime. Cal has been an outspoken voice in calling for increased transparency, oversight, and accountability, especially as a historic amount of taxpayer money is allocated to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“During my time in the Army, I worked with Inspectors General to curb waste and protect against fraud, abuse, and misconduct,” said Cal Cunningham. “In the Senate, count on me to strengthen oversight and accountability, ensure that our Inspectors General maintain their important and impartial role in our government, and most importantly — not get fired for simply doing their job.” 

Even as other Republican senators warn against the potential chilling effect of the administration’s attempts to evade oversight, Thom Tillis has been silent, doing nothing to stand up to the president’s abuse of power.

Read Cal’s priorities here.