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Cal Cunningham To Fox 8 High Point: “Nobody Is Going To Tell Me How To Vote In The United States Senate Except The People Of North Carolina”

Cal Cunningham sat down with Fox 8 High Point’s Bob Buckley this week to talk about his campaign for U.S. Senate against Thom Tillis.

Cal told Bob, “My loyalty is to 10.5 million North Carolinians. This is where I grew up. These are the people that I live with, these are the people who make me who I am today and nobody is going to tell me how to vote in the United States Senate except the people of North Carolina.” 

During the interview, Buckley also emphasized Cal’s military experience, as a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan.

This interview follows another sit down last week with Spectrum News, where Cal criticized Senator Tillis’ weakness in response to the White House’s withdrawal of troops from Syria, saying in giving the President the “benefit of the doubt,” Tillis is putting “partisan political interest ahead of the national interest.”

Fox 8 High Point: FOX8’s Bob Buckley sits down with N.C. Sen. Cal Cunningham

By Bob Buckley – October 17, 2019

Key Points:

  • At age 27, Cal Cunningham became one of North Carolina’s youngest people to ever be elected to the state Senate.

  • Soon after, though, 9/11 rocked America and Cunningham felt called to serve. He enlisted in the Army and served as a Judge Advocate General in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • “Will you take on the bigger challenge of going to Washington and getting at some of the more fundamental problems?” Cunningham says he often heard. “And at some point, if I’m going to listen, I’ve got to act.”

Watch the full story here.