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Cal Cunningham Still Up In Recent Polling, Despite Thom Tillis’ Attempt To Reinvent Himself In Television Ads

New York Times, Public Policy Polling Show Cal In Strong Position With Less Than Six Months Until Election Day

RALEIGH, NC – The New York Times released a poll this morning showing Cal Cunningham up three points over vulnerable incumbent Thom Tillis. This poll is the latest in strong series for Cal, including a four point lead in a Public Policy Polling poll out Wednesday.

While Tillis has spent over a month trying to reinvent himself, Cal has maintained a strong position, especially among independent voters. It’s clear Cal’s message of taking on corruption and fighting to protect health care and lower prescription drug costs is resonating with voters — and his latest ad “System” highlights exactly what Cal is fighting for. 

WATCH HERENorth Carolina has quickly emerged as the “tipping point” for taking a Democratic majority in the Senate. Cal has continued to build grassroots momentum to win: 

  • Cal has pledged to go where Democrats don’t always go. This quarter alone, Cal has received support from all 100 counties in North Carolina. 
  • In the first quarter of 2020, Cal outraised Thom Tillis 2:1.