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Cal Cunningham Statement On the Killing of General Soleimani

RALEIGH, NC – Cal Cunningham, U.S. Senate candidate and veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, issued the following statement on the airstrike that killed General Soleimani.

“General Soleimani was a terrorist and murderer of U.S. troops, including when I was deployed to Iraq with the Army, so there is justice in his death.

“The challenge we’ve grappled with for years in Iraq and across the Middle East is how to pursue our national security without strengthening enemy hardliners, drawing our country deeper into war and putting U.S. troops or diplomats in danger.

“In striking the balance, it has been important to exercise restraint, even against clear enemies. Since this targeted killing was carried out without Congressional authorization, we need to see the facts and hear the justification for why the action was taken now and how we mitigate the very high risk that we are precipitating a serious regional conflict. In short, what is the national security strategy this strike is advancing and how will we keep Americans at home and abroad safe.

“I am praying for our troops, diplomats and citizens who are in harm’s way today, and who every day follow through on their deep commitment to serving our country.”